How To Get Your Contractor License At Home

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Why enroll in our homestudy course?

Because you should. It’s everything you could ever ask for.

You’ll receive everything you need to pass the test, you can do it at your own pace, all while doing it out of the comfort of your own home (or car).

And we also have a pass test guarentee! As long as you are watching all the videos (and/or listening to the audios) and are passing all the practice tests we give you, there is absolutely NO reason why you would fail the exam.

Even in the off chance that you do we will pay for the first retake. But I assure you, if you are doing your work, you will NOT fail the test. And guess what?

On top of all of this, we even give you 6 months of access to all of our help and material. Studies show that it takes the average contractor 2-3 months to get their license! Why do I say this? So you know that we provide you with more than enough time to get everything done.

For our homestudy course, we have two different packages that will be of service to you. One will be $499 while the other is $699. The difference between the two is the videos we give you access to.

With the $699 option you get access to pre-recorded videos that will run you through the law as we go along with it.

With the $499 you get access to the audios that run you through our law, it just wont be in video form.

It is also very important to note that we have our very our law curriculum.

We DO NOT make you read through 1,000 pages of law like other schools do.

We condensed the HUGE law book into what you only need to know. Once you run through either the videos and/or the audios you are good to send in that application. Allen (our owner) has created an entire video that will run you through the application process step by step. And on top of that, we will even double-check it.

We give you access to our 24/7 student hotline phone which we handle all of our applications on. All you have to do is send us pictures of your application and we fully check it for you. We either will tell you if you need to fix anything or if youre good and then you send it off to the state.

Like noted before you get 6 months acces to the course. So while you wait for the state to respond keep studying and taking advantage of your time. We will help you the entire way through, and even beyond getting your license!

If youre are ever looking for any social media advertisement, website building or videography we can help you with that too!

We specifically do all of that for contractors!

We are looking forward to you getting into the course and getting you one step closer to having a successful business up and running!

See you soon. (or not since you’ll be at home)

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AJ Diaz

AJ Diaz

We've been serving California for years. We've literally graduated hundreds of contractors.


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