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How To Get Your Contractors License In Newport Beach, CA.

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“There is nothing impossible to they who will try.”
— Alexander the Great

  How To Get Your Contractors License (Newport Beach Edition)

So you live in heaven on earth?—otherwise known as Newport Beach.

That’s awesome.

The only thing that would make it better is this: getting your contractors license.


Why not?


If you get your license, you can take bigger jobs, better jobs, and make more money $$$. So it’s kinda obvious to me: you should get your license.

Some people look for signs.

They pray things like, “GOD, if such and such happens today, I’ll get my Contractors License.

Here’s what I say to that: you don’t need a sign to pursue greatness.

God wants you to pursue greatness.

You don’t need signs or confirmations or luck or anything.

You only need to GO FOR IT.


The only thing better that Newport Beach in all of the world is Newport Beach — that’s a trick sentence. But it’s true.

I’ve spent most of the hours I was supposed to be working at Newport Beach. Newport has bobas, Jane’s Hot Dogs, hamburgers, The Doryman’s Inn, the beach, bike rentals, and sunshine.

And coffee.  Never forget coffee.

Plus, Crystal Cove, the hamburger shack place with the really long line, Balboa Island, and Fashion Island. So many islands.

Enough about how lucky you are to live in Newport Beach…


We’re located right nearby in Orange, that’s how come we’re able to drive on over to Newport and swim on our lunch breaks. This isn’t a joke. We actually do this.

Our school’s location is on West Chapman.


contractor diamond online course. The best way to get your license.

However, traffic on the 55 or 22 can be bad. Trust us, we know. So we recommend you take our online course.

It takes place once-a-week (every Thursday night) over Zoom. Cool, right? I’d say.

You get everything you need with the online course.

You’ll pass the state tests no problem.

HOW DOES IT ALL WORK? Easily. BUT HOW EASILY? We make it easy.

Truth is, some of the content you must know to pass the state tests is difficult. But we break it down into bite-sized pieces and we have you study in a variety of ways:

  • Practice Tests
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Books
  • Classes

So that’s pretty cool, right? We think so.

Did you know that most of Dean Koontz’ books (novels) are based in Newport Beach. We love his books. He’s awesome. He actually lives over there.

The characters in his novels will drive around Costa Mesa, Irvine, Huntington Beach, and down many of the familiar streets of Newport.

If you love tennis, you should get your contractors license.

Or even if you don’t.


You must have four years of experience in your trade. That’s it. So that means you might be a general b or a general a. Or you might be a plumber, drywall person, painter, cabinet builder, HVAC person, well digger, well un-digger, post malone, or really any of the trades.

There are many speciality trades (all the C licenses). Welding, swimming pools, flooring, countertops, metalwork, and on and on.

But, yeah, all you need is the 4 years of experience.


That depends.

When you submit your application to the state (which by the way we’ll help you with that) it will take anywhere from weeks to two months for them to process.

Once processed, they’ll give you a test date.

Once you pass the tests, they’ll issue you the license within a few weeks.


We’ve graduated thousands of students.

So that’s awesome.

And we recommend that you incorporate your business as an S-Corp — that’s the best type of CORP for construction businesses in California.

Corporation Best

We also file Corps for our students.

We charge $1,200 — and you’ll want to do that BEFORE you apply to get your license. If you switch your company to a corporation after you get licensed as a SOLE PROP, it’ll cost you thousands of dollars to transfer the license to the CORPORATION.

So it’s best to get going on the Corporation Filing right away.

If you sign up for our DIAMOND ONLINE COURSE, we give $200 off on our Corp-Filing Service.

Newport — now’s the time.

You’re in a great place to get high-paying construction jobs.

If those jobs aren’t going to you, they’re going to someone else: probably the person paying you.

You might as well get those jobs and make more money than you’ve ever made.

Greatness awaits.


A lot people ask us: when are you going to introduce free Cinnabon into the program, as in Cinnamon rolls. The answer is simple. But first, here are a few pages we want to highlight, in case you’re interested in learning more:

How To Become A General Contractor
How To Get Your Contractors License Online
How To Get Your Contractors License From Home
How To Study To Get Your Contractors License
Contractors License Requirements
Types of Contractors Licenses (All Classifications)

To answer the Cinnamon Roll question, we’re on a strict bring your own (as well as one for your teacher) policy at the moment. Check back for future updates.

All The Benefits

  • 4 Law & Business Live Streaming Classes
  • Once A Week For 4 Weeks
  • Two Months Access
  • Trade DVDs and CDs.


  • – Law & Business Practice Tests
  • – Trade Practice Tests
  • – Access To Law-Class Recordings (Video and Audio)
  • – Trade DVD Teaching
  • – Trade CD Teaching
  • So Basically Everything You Need To Study Law and Trade


  • Application Assistance (That Application Can Be Difficult)
  • A Handy-Dandy Pass-Test Guarantee
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Open. Now Enrolling.

Order our home study package and study till your heart is content and drink milk and cookies and then fall asleep and then dream of great business ideas. And then wake up. And then pass your state tests.

Call us if you have any questions.

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