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Our Passion Is Your Success
Our prices are the lowest around.

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We are a full service business dedicated to the growth and success of your business. 80% of businesses in the state of California fail or go bankrupt. We don’t want that to happen to you. Our mission is your success.

Our passion is your success

Whether or not you’re near one of our locations, we have many options to help you get your license. You can learn through our distance education products, or our online courses where you can access your study material online as well as get textbooks and DVDs shipped to your house.

Not only do we want to help you get your contractors license, but we want to carry you into the next level with a variety of services. If you’re starting a business or your business is already going, we offer website development, SEO, business setup, payroll services, bookkeeping, incorporating and more. We go above and beyond in customer service and we have a lot to offer because we truly and honestly want you to succeed.

For more information on our Live Instruction and our Online Courses SEE THE TABLES below.

Where in the world are we?

Our schools are based primarily in Riverside County, Orange County, and soon we’ll be branching out into Los Angeles County. We have a school in Corona, Lake Elsinore, Temecula, and Orange (which is near Anaheim). We hope to see you at one of them.

As it was written above, if you’re nowhere near any of these locations, you can still enroll in our online school. The online school gives you everything you need to be able to pass the tests, including pre-recorded video of all the classes that you can stream right off our site. We’ll ship your textbooks to you.

Orange School

Located on West Chapman in Orange, California.
In the OC.

Temecula School

This is our school in Temecula, California.
No traffic guarantee (just kidding. we can’t guarantee that.)
But there’s rarely traffic around this area during 7:00 — which is class time.

Corona School

Not the beer.
The city.
We have a contractor school here.
Set an appt. and check it out!

Lake Elsinore School

This school is in Lake Elsinore.
Set an appt.

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If you have any questions, call us: 951-678-6971 (this number isn’t an 800 number, but that’s okay! it doesn’t matter what part of California you’re in or planning to move to, we can help you!)


Students Who Pass

Not every one of our students have even sent in their applications to take their tests, and we currently have many students enrolled who are still studying. The percentage above represents the number of students who, after passing our online practice tests and going in to take their state tests, have passed. We GUARANTEE that if you pass our online tests, you’ll pass the state tests.
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