Social Media Marketing

We get it. You want to make massive money with your contractor license. But how do you do that? Introducing: Social Media

Social Media Plans & Pricing

Social media marketing can be a game-changer for contractors.

In fact, I would even say it is the difference between a successful contractor and a failing one. With five billion users on social media (that’s more than half the population). A social media marketing campaign provides a way for you to reach your audience and build the trust you need to generate leads.

When you release content it gives the viewers all the information they need to become conversions.

47% of social media users use social media when they have questions

This all leads to more traffic and sales that would be going to competitive contractors that are taking advantage of their social media marketing. 

Plan #1

One Social Media Platform (Usually Facebook)

$299 Per Month

This package is like vanilla ice cream. It includes everything you want in ice cream but without the pizazz experience. Even if you don’t have an account setup, no problem! Our experts can do that for you. Or maybe you’re looking to renovate one you already own, we can help you there as well.

Give us a call if you have any questions.

1 Managed Social Media Account

Media Library

1 Content Post Weekly

— 1 Curated Content post Weekly (Including photos, testimonials, interviews, and client provided work)

1 Post Ran AD

Monthly Breakdown

Custom Content

Custom Copy

Optimized Pages

Hashtag Research

Plan #2

Two Social Media Platforms

$499 Per Month

Rocky 2. Better than Rocky 1. Like Vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. This is for mid-tier contractor businesses.

2 Managed Social Media Account

Media Library

2 Content Post Weekly

2 Curated Content post Weekly (Including photos, testimonials, interviews, and client provided work)

2 Post Ran AD

Monthly Breakdown

Custom Content

Custom Copy

Optimized Pages

Hashtag Research

Plan #3

Three Social Media Platforms 

$799 Per Month

Everything you need, just like Rocky 4. Recommended for those who are trying to take their business to the next level.

3 Managed Social Media Account

Media Library

4 Content Post Weekly

4 Curated Content post Weekly (Including photos, testimonials, interviews, and client provided work)

4 Post Ran AD

Monthly Breakdown

Custom Content

Custom Copy

Optimized Pages

Hashtag Research


Why you should implement Social Media Marketing.

Let’s say you’re an aesthetic contractor like General B or even a C-27 landscaper. You post beautiful before and after videos on social media. When a Facebook mom sees your beautiful tile finish. You know what she’s thinking ‘Honey, we need that’.


That is social media marketing (in a nutshell).


Learn More. 

  • 70% of construction companies say that a social media marketing campaign improved their brand awareness 70% 70%
  • 74% of people use social media when making a purchasing decision 74% 74%
  • 49% of construction companies on social media don’t invest in paid social ads 49% 49%

2023 is the year of social media. Don’t believe me, here are some stats.

The top 500 contractor business were interviewed and on average the companies spent 10% of their revenue on marketing. 

Basically if they made $10,000,000 they’re spending $1,000,000 on marketing alone!

That’s their cheat code and that’s what we’re offering you today. 

Say you invest in social media ads. You’ve already surpassed 49% of competing construction companies. 

Take massive action. Make massive money. 


User Understanding

Social Media is more than just generating traffic. It is essential for building client trust.  

74% of people use social media when making a purchasing decision.


Social Media increases customer engagement by following your business story. This in return increases customer trust and retention. 


What’s something Social Media and Contractors have in common. Photos. Don’t just tell your clients you do good work. Show them.

Gain Leads

Content creation gives the client all the information they need turning them into a good lead. 

54% is how many more leads content marketing generates compared to traditional marketing.


Our Approach



We begin by understanding your business and what your goals are. 


From there we work toward creating a post strategy.


Finally, we post the finished product for all the world to see.


Platforms We Support

We support a variety of platforms depending on what your goals for social media are. Maybe you’re just starting out are are looking to build from the ground up, Facebook is a great place to reach and develop an audience for your business.



Facebook has been labeled as the world’s most popular website with over 1.3 Billion users. Over 75% of Facebook users log on every single day, making it a very rewarding platform to market on. 



Instagram functions similarly to Facebook although it is meant for mobile devices primarily. This is great for grabbing readers attention and planting your service as a seed in their head. 



LinkedIn is a great professional platform for showcasing your work and connecting it to the world. 



Word of mouth is still an undefeated form of advertising. Which is why Yelp is perfect for securing those questionable clients through reviews. 



For more aesthetic contractors Pinterest can provide a great connection for those looking for home remodels, touchups and more. 


My Business

One of the most powerful and classic ways to boost your business is with Google MyBusiness. Allowing yourself to appear throughout the search engine. 



Don’t just tell people why you’re the best. Show them. YouTube is powerful for doing just that, turning doubting leads into paying customers. 

*In terms of posts using YouTube videos must be provided or created with our Video Production Team.*


The Patch

For local listings, the patch can be very effective. Catering to your own community you know best. 


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