Online Course (Diamond)


The Most Exclusive Course
– Full Online Classes
– Exclusive Zoom Livestreams (Thursday Nights)
– Additional Classroom Livestreams (Typically Monday through Thursday Nights)
– ‘Materials Included’
– Trade and Law Study Books
– Trade and Law Prerecorded Classes
– Audio and Video Streams (So you can study during your commute).
– 24/7 Access to our Online Tests
– Additional Practice Exams (In The Books)
– Pass-Test Guarantee (We guarantee that if you pass our practice tests, you will pass the state tests).

Benefits (What the Others Do Not Have)
– Application Assistance (The state application can be a pain to do on your own).
– Email Assistance for all your Law and Trade Questions
– The Exclusive Thursday Night Zoom Classes (Limited Capacity = Which Means More Personal Attention For You)
– State License Application Assistance by Email
– $200 Off Our Incorporation Services (We Can Help You File Your Corporation)
– Templated Construction Constructions (In Digital Form) for Free (Usually $249.00)
– Math Review CD and or DVD
– Health & Safety CD and or DVD

It’s actually crazy how much we’re offering you. But it’s because we’re awesome. And you’re awesome too, by the way.

EXTRA EXTRA Bonus: (Free)
– California License Law & Reference Book in digital format, a $50 value.

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Hi, this is me.

AJ - the content creator here on the Contractor License School. Nice to meet you.

Here's a video of our CEO and President, explaining our Online Courses. Give it a watch if you want more information. Or if you're in line at the DMV and have nothing better to do:

If you purchase our course today, we'll give you free gelato. (That's an attempt at humor. I'm sorry. I'll never do it again.

What is the Diamond Online Course? (In Case You're Still Confused...)

In a nutshell (we love nutshells. and we've adopted seventeen squirrels. weird, right?), the Diamond Online Course is all the TEST PREP you need to be able to pass your state tests and get your contractors license.

There are some awesome perks to the Diamond Online Course:

  • Exclusive Zoom Livestream Sessions (on Thursday nights).
  • Limited capacity (which means more personal attention for you).
  • You get $200 off our Incorporation Services (we can help you file for you California Corporation).
  • Study books (for the trade and the law)
  • Practice Tests (for the trade and the law)
  • Application Assistance
  • And even a Certificate of Completion
  • Oh, we're also going to send you our pack of templated Construction Contracts (in editable digital form) for free. Which is crazy that we're even offering it for free. Cuz normally it's $199.00 for all the rest of our students.

But you're special. Because you're going to be a member of our Diamond Course.

Last thing you need to know:

Pass-Test Guarantee

We guarantee that if you pass the practice tests we're going to give you, you're going to pass the state tests. It's as simple as that. And then you'll get your license.

Think about life this way: if I'm willing to spend several hundred dollars (easily) to learn a new language (I'm learning Korean right now) just for fun, why shouldn't you purchase an Online Course that is going to change the Course (pun intended) of your life? Yes?

Heck, after you get your license, landing one construction job can pay all of your schooling fees.

Anyway, that's enough from me.

​Have a great night, day, week, month, year, summer, winter, spring, fall -- and most of all, have fun.

Additional information

Choose Your License

A: General Engineering, B: General Building, B-2: Residential Remodeling, C-2: Insulation and Acoustical, C-4: Boiler, Hot Water Heating and Steam Fitting, C-5: Framing and Rough Carpentry, C-6: Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry, C-7: Low Voltage Systems, C-8: Concrete, C-9: Drywall, C10: Electrical, C11: Elevator, C12: Earthwork and Paving, C13: Fencing, C15: Flooring and Floor Covering, C16: Fire Protection, C17: Glazing, C20: HVAC, C21: Building Moving/Demolition, C23: Ornamental Metal, C27: Landscaping, C28: Lock and Security Equipment, C29: Masonry, C31: Construction Zone Traffic Control, C32: Parking and Highway Improvement, C33: Painting and Decorating, C34: Pipeline, C35: Lathing and Plastering, C36: Plumbing, C38: Refrigeration, C39: Roofing, C42: Sanitation System, C43: Sheet Metal, C45: Electrical Signs, C46: Solar, C47: General Manufactured Housing, C50: Reinforcing Steel, C51: Structural Steel, C53: Swimming Pool, C54: Ceramic and Mosaic Tile, C55: Water Conditioning, C57: Water Well Drilling, C60: Welding, C61: Limited Specialty, ASB: Asbestos Certification, HAZ: Hazardous Substance Removal Certification