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Statewide Name Check

Our team will check your desired name against the state registration database to determine name availability. This process reduces the likelihood of your documents being rejected by a state official and allows us to proceed with the next phase of the Incorporation filing.

24-Hour Document Preparation

No Delays! Once your order is placed we confirm the availability of your company name with the state office. If the name is available, we prepare and submit your formation documents for filing within 24 hours.

File Articles of Incorporation

Choose EXPRESS FILING and get your Articles filed FASTER and RECEIVE your filed documents via email & FedEx Overnight delivery!

Corporate ID Issuance

The Corporate ID number is a number issued by the Secretary of State used to uniquely identify your company.  It is this number that separates your business from all the others in the state it was issued.

File Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of incorporation, also known as the corporate charter or sometimes referred to as the certificate of incorporation, are the documents that establish the existence of a corporation in its appropriate state.

Free Corporate Reminders

As an established corporation, the necessity to file annual state and federal compliance documentation is a necessity.  As part of the Service by Alcom, each corporation will receive reminders of each important document in time for proper filing and service.

Prepare S-Corp Selection

An S – corporation is a popular choice among those who wish to avoid double taxation (once to the shareholders and again to the corporation). Alcom will prepare your S – Corporation election form and will include this form as part of your final package.

Corporate Bylaws

The Bylaws of a Corporation are the set of rules governing how the affairs of a corporation will be conducted. 

Corporate Minutes

Corporate minutes are the legal and official records of major activities and decisions incorporated by the organization. This applies to both single and multiple directors filing corporations by documenting, in writing, all major actions and decisions, such as issuing more stock, waivers, notices, minutes of meetings, and sample corporate resolutions.

Email of all Documents and Forms

As part of the service provided by Alcom, we will email all filed documentation to your email for personal record keeping.

Registered Agent Service

Corporations and LLCs are required to maintain a registered agent. Please note that a Post Office Box or other “mail service” is often not sufficient to qualify as a registered agent. If you wish to keep your company’s address information confidential, designating Alcom to act as your registered agent affords you that extra added layer of privacy. Alcom can serve as your company’s registered agent for service of process in any state for an annual fee of $149 per year that is auto-renewed for your convenience.

Federal Tax ID (EIN)

Businesses are required to obtain a Federal Tax ID, also called an Employer Identification Number (EIN) which is used to identify the business entity. With Alcom as your Tax ID service, we will obtain your company Tax ID from the IRS once your business formation is approved by the state office.

Corporate Seal

Similar to the State seal, the Corporate Seal is the official mark of the corporation. Being that the corporation is a separate entity, the corporate seal acts as the signature of the corporation. Any legal or official document that emanates from the corporation requires a corporate mark which acts as a legal mark that carries the weight and authority of the corporation.

Business Kit of Essential Forms

Corporations and LLCs are subject to many formalities after they are formed. Alcom’s Corporate Kit & Seal for Corporations and LLC’s includes the tools your company needs to comply with these formalities and place for safekeeping of all of your business documents. Each binder is detailed with a customized corporate name stamped on the binder with a matching slipcase. Your Customized Corporate Kit will also contain the following additional items: Customized Corporate Seal with your company name, state, and year of Incorporation, 20 Personalized Stock Certificates, and state of organization. The customized corporate Kit includes many of the essential business document you will need to run a business such as an Affidavit, Agreement to Sell Personal Property, Authorization to Release Credit Information, Bad Check Notice Form, Bill of Sale, Confidentiality Agreement, Consent for Drug/Alcohol Testing, Consumer Loan Agreement, Contractor Agreement, Demand for Payment, Employee Disciplinary Notice, Employee Non-Compete Agreement, Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement, Notice of Dismissal, Employee Warning Notice, Employment Agreement, Final Notice Before Legal Action, General Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, Quitclaim Deed, Request for Reference, Sales Representatives Agreement, and Resignation of Incorporator.

Custom Corporate Binder

As detailed in the Business Kit

Business License Registration Package

This package provides the license, permit, and tax registration information for all applications to be submitted in your local area.  Each package comes with an overview of the licenses, permits, and tax registration requirements for the corporation.  Licensing authority and contact information including name, address, telephone number, and any pertinent information needed to establish the primary steps of the business. It includes detailed information on how much money to send with each application and where it needs to be sent.  Finally, the application and associate documents will be provided for all necessary filing mandates.

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