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You live in or around Irvine, CA. Perfect. That’s where we are. But what does it take to get a contractors license?

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4 Years of Experience

You must have four years of experience in the trade of your choice — the trade in which you want to be licensed.


To pass the exams you may want to study, that’s where we come in. We’re a Contractor License School.

Pass Tests

You must pass the California state TRADE and LAW exams.


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How To Get Your Contractors License In Irvine, CA?

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Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.
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‘Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.’

How To Get Your Contractors License (Irvine Edition)

Irvine, the master-planned city, is home to many of the great local and international businesses.

It’s time for you to become one of them. And then learn to draw. Not for construction. Just for fun. You never know when you might find yourself in France with the need to draw caricatures for cash so you can buy yourself a water bottle. I’m not speaking from experience. I’m just speaking.

Let’s get to the point.


Let’s be honest, Irvine, as cities go, is a little too good. It’s surrounded by Santa Ana, Tustin, Lake Forest, Lagune Hills and Woods, Newport Beach (which is where you’ll find me most of the time) and Costa Mesa.

There are plenty of opportunities for construction work in Irvine and the surrounding cities. And for beach getaway time.

There is plenty of opportunity for you.

But only if you get your license.

Because, as you probably know, you can’t do construction work in California without a license for any jobs that cost over $500 LABOR and MATERIALS.

So, basically, if you want to start your own construction business, you need a license.

And you need to get your ducks in a row. I have a friend who keeps a duck in his chicken coup. At this point, the duck thinks it’s a chicken. That works, too.



You must have four years of experience. That’s it.

(Doing construction, preferably. Performing Arts, unfortunately, doesn’t count. If it did, there’d be a lot more dancing on construction sites and a lot less construction. So, now that I think about it, I guess it makes sense).

Study, Study, Study

The first three steps are listed above and here: study, study, study.

In order to get your contractors license you must study.
Because you have to pass two tests with the state of California.

The first test covers all things construction law: this includes topics on contract law, liens, bidding, stop notices, OSHA, worker’s comp, and more.

The second test covers construction trade: this includes topics pertaining to your trade. There are many different trades, as you know: general b, plumbing, HVAC, painting, drywall, electrical, concrete, demolition, masonry, sheet metal, glazier, solar, etc…

We have a few ways to help you study.

You can enroll in our classes.

You can take our online course.

You can study from home.

That’s basically that.

Any option works, it just depends on your budget and study style.

More on that later.

Next Step: Apply For Tests

This is simple, simple, simple.

When you apply for the tests, you’ll have to have one person sign your application to verify that you have four years of experience.

Next Next Step: Pass the Tests

After you apply, the state will give you a test date.

Go to it.

And don’t be late.

If you’ve taken any of our courses, you’ll be ready.

Once you pass the tests, you pay your final state fees and wrap up a few things on your CSLB account — like providing a live scan and insurance — and then you get your license by mail.

Pretty cool, right?

Get Incorporated

Last thing I should mention. You will want to get an S-CORP (not an LLC) for your construction business before you even apply for the state tests.

We can help you with that as well.

Technically, you can get your license as a sole-prop, but that is not recommended.

The end.

Dream big.

Hit up Newport Beach.

See what Blizzard Entertainment and Bandai Namco are doing (in the video game industry). They are located in Irvine, which I think is cool, because I love their video games.

Also, watch this video if you prefer that to reading:


cool video, right? would be better served with Korean BBQ.

Also, here’s a nifty list of all villages in your city, in case you were ever wondering:

  • El Camino Glen
  • College Park
  • The Colony
  • Columbus Grove
  • Cypress Village
  • Deerfield (mixed styles)
  • East Irvine
  • El Camino Real (Spanish/Neo-Eclectic)
  • Greentree
  • Irvine Groves
  • Harvard Square
  • Heritage Fields
  • Laguna Altura
  • Lambert Ranch
  • Northpark (French Country, Formal French, Italian Country, Formal Italian, Monterey and Spanish Colonial)
  • Northpark Square (Spanish Mission)
  • Northwood (Bungalow, Craftsman)
  • Oak Creek (mixed styles)
  • Old Towne Irvine
  • Orangetree
  • Orchard Hills (Rural Craftsman/Spanish/Tuscan)
  • Park Lane
    • Parkcrest
    • Parkside
    • Pavilion Park
    • Portola Springs (Spanish/Tuscan)
    • Planning Area 40 (Future Village)
    • Quail Hill (Spanish/Tuscan)
    • Racquet Club
    • The Ranch
    • Rancho San Joaquin (Shed style)
    • Rosegate (Spanish/Tuscan)
    • Stonegate (Spanish)
    • Shady Canyon (Tuscan Ranch)
    • Turtle Ridge (Tuscan)
    • Turtle Rock (mixed styles)
    • University Hills[18]
    • University Park (California Modern)
    • University Town Center (mixed styles)
    • Walnut (Prairie Style)
    • West Irvine (California Modern)
    • Westpark (Italian Riviera/Mediterranean)
    • The Willows[19]
    • Windwood
    • Woodbridge (Atlantic Coast)
    • Woodbury (Tuscan/Spanish/French)
    • Woodbury East (Spanish)
    Business and commercial areas


    A lot people ask us: when are you going to introduce free Cinnabon into the program, as in Cinnamon rolls. The answer is simple. But first, here are a few pages we want to highlight, in case you’re interested in learning more:

    How To Become A General Contractor
    How To Get Your Contractors License Online
    How To Get Your Contractors License From Home
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    Contractors License Requirements
    Types of Contractors Licenses (All Classifications)

    To answer the Cinnamon Roll question, we’re on a strict bring your own (as well as one for your teacher) policy at the moment. Check back for future updates.

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