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Hello. Welcome. The great news is we have a Contractors License School located in Orange, CA, right off of West Chapman — which is near to Katella. (off the 55 freeway).

Landed on the wrong page and you live nowhere near Orange, CA? — here’s some more good news: we have six additional locations. Additionally, we offer online school. Be sure to look into that if you’re interested.

We meet at our West Chapman location for classes once-a-week, every Thursday. And with homework, practice tests, application processing help, the course only takes 4 weeks. Cool thing is, if, after the four weeks you feel like you need additional classes we allow you to repeat them for free for up to six months.

That being said, you can complete the course in four weeks.


We’re currently enrolling. The classes don’t build on each other and, as such, you can begin any week.

Enrolling is easy. You can do it online, or you can set an appointment with us and meet with one of our staff or instructors.


There’s only one requirement to get your contractors license: that is, you must have four years of experience in the trade in which you want to get licensed.

Ex: if you want to get your general b license you must have worked in the general b trade for at least for years. Whether the work was for a licensed contractor or whether you’ve been taking general-b-type work unlicensed is of no consequence to getting your license. As long as you have the experience is the important thing when it comes to being able to qualify to receive the license.

If you want to get your painters license (C-33) , you must have four years in painting. If you want to get your plumbing (C-36) license, you must have four-years experience in plumbing. Etc…


The cost of our program is $699. Online school is only $499. Comparatively, these are competitive prices what with all we offer and we encourage you to shop around.


The process of getting your license can often seem overwhelming. We get great feedback from our students. They often come in, anxious about how hard it seems it is to get their contractors license.

We like to make it easy. Which is why we make the process as simple as possible and break it down step by step. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry about it. Set a meeting with us, give us a call, or just jump in and trust it’ll all work out. Because it will.

We want you to be successful in your venture and get your license. Not only that, but we want to see you successful in business, which is why we offer incorporation services, bookkeeping help, insurance and tax services, web design and marketing and a number of other things.

We like relationship-building and genuinely getting to know our students. Our instructors are committed to helping you get your license.

Set an appt.

We look forward to meeting you.

Orange, CA

We’re located in Orange. And we’re glad you found us. We’re CURRENTLY ENROLLING. The great thing is our classes are once-a-week, and four weeks a month. Cool thing is, you can enroll at any time and jump in any week. Give us a call, or fill out the form below and we’ll follow up with you.

We’ll help you pass that state test. We’re located in Southern California —

Chula Vista
Lake Elsinore
Orange (Anaheim)
and Huntington Beach.

We’ve graduated thousands of students, and we’re looking forward to helping you get your California Contractor’s License.

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Maybe you don’t want to come in for classes or enroll in online school–maybe you just want the study books or the CDs or some kind of bundle. Check out our 8 product options, starting as low as $175.

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I travel a lot and had to balance my time between two of their schools. The staff was amazing. I passed my state exam the first time. 2 thumbs up!!!!

Steve Campbell

review from our Google page.

Where in the world are we?

Currently, we have 7 locations in California: Orange (near Anaheim–on West Chapman), Huntington Beach (Beach Blvd), Corona, Temecula, Lake Elsinore, Chula Vista, and Escondido. We hope to see you at one of them. You can always book an appt. to meet with an instructor or representative at one of our locations, or you can enroll online.

If you’re nowhere near any of these locations, you can always enroll in our ONLINE SCHOOL. The online school gives you everything you need to be able to pass the tests, including pre-recorded video of all the classes you can stream through our exclusive member portal. Your textbooks will be shipped to your location.

Our Pass-Test Guarantee Never Fails

“The contracting school in Temecula really changed my life. Today I own my own business. I would highly recommend this school for anyone trying to get their contractor license in the state of California!”

Google Review

“This school is the best they explain everything in details and is very affordable the staff are really nice people.”

Perez Guillermo

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here or, if you don’t understand the answer given, please feel free to give us a call. Our admins are by the phones, ready to take your call, answer your questions, and assist you in any way we can.

How many years of experience is required?

California requires 4 years of journey-level experience (in the last 10 years) in the trade in which you want to get licensed. If you have a bachelor’s degree (doesn’t matter what degree, so long as you have a bachelor’s) that shaves 2 years off the required 4–and you would only need 2 years of experience in the trade. If you have an associate’s degree, you would only need 3 years of experience.

How do I prove my experience?

When you send your application to the state, you have to have ONE PERSON sign off on the application (preferably a licensed contractor, though it doesn’t have to be) vouching for you–that you have the necessary experience. If you don’t have a license contractor who will sign off for you, you’ll have to find a client, a co-worker, or maybe a list of projects that you’ve completed if you’re claiming your experience as an owner-builder.

What trade should I get?

You should get the trade in which you have the 4 years of experience. If you have 4 years in multiple trades (which is quite possible as contractors often do a variety of work) you may qualify for multiple license classifications. Ultimately, you should get the trade in which you have the experience and the one you’re planning to do business in.

Do you help with the application?

Yes, we’ll help you fill out your application to the state. We help with every part of the process of getting your license. As our student, we want the best for you–from the moment we first make contact, to getting your license, and furthermore to starting and running your business, which is why we have more services ranging from incorporating services to web design and marketing.

What does the General B cover?

People often make the mistake in thinking the General B license allows you to do any type of construction. This isn’t true, because otherwise there would be no need for all the speciality licenses (there are more than 40 licenses!) The general b license covers rough carpentry–like framing, home builds, room additions, remodels. You can only advertise for these types of jobs. Example: you wouldn’t want to get your general b license and then start a landscaping business because you can only advertise for types of jobs involving rough carpentry. Likewise, when you get jobs that involve many trades, you can assume two trades (other than rough carpentry) under your license and then you will have to sub-contract out the rest of the job.

Do I have to have General Liability insurance?

No. The simple answer is no. To have your contractor’s license you have to get a SURETY BOND. Surety bonds are very inexpensive–about $100 for the year. You don’t have to have general liability to have the license. HOWEVER, many clients may not hire you if you don’t have it. And some jobs require you have it. That said, you don’t need it right away.

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