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“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchhill


To the right (or underneath, if you’re on your phone right now) you’ll see an actual picture of our online tests.

That’s right, you can take them from your computer or your phone. But you must have WIFI. WIFI stands for WamBam Internet Frodo Interpol. (I just made that up. Pretty cool, right?)

Good news is, the tests are better than my attempts to make acronyms on the fly.

If you pass our practice tests, you’ll pass the state tests.


We provide you with trade and law manuals.

And we have the best manuals. We forged them in the fires of Mount Doom, for one.

For two, they cover everything you’re going to need to pass those state tests (and save the world from the ‘one ring to rule them all’).

That’s all you need to know for now. Continue reading.



Application Assistance

Filling out applications is super fun, said no one ever. And that’s one of the reasons we offer application help.

Yes, we will help you fill out your application.

Because it’s hard and confusing. Kind of like reading ‘Lord of the Rings.’ Trust me. The movies are better.

contractor application assistance

Cool Picture Time

Contractor license package 1

A visual feast of just a few of the things you’ll be receiving if you enroll in our classes. We’re thinking of offering free Ramen as a selling point. Let us know if that interests you.

‘More Than A Class’

Remember the band ‘Boston?’ Neither do we. Point is, we don’t want to help you get your license and say ‘peace out.’ We want to help you establish your business. As such, we offer many additional services.


We can help you with this.

web design

And this.


Maybe this. We’ll see. Just kidding. We can help. Bonds and General Liability is our middle-name. It’s hard to fill out government forms.

And so much more

The band ‘Boston’ sung a song called ‘More Than A Feeling’. But, anyway, we offer so many more services than just those three. So you might as well call us and let’s talk. Because there’s a lot to talk about. Your future, mostly. Not in the fortune-telling sense. But more in the sense of let’s get that business started so that it doesn’t just stay a ‘feeling.’ Because remember, ‘She lost that lovin’ feeling.’ Which has nothing to do with anything. But you get the point.


What People are Saying

“I Passed”

Excellent school! I passed law and electrical exams on my first try and I was more than ready. They also set up my S Corps and helped me through the full process.

Charles Blake

“First Try”

Great school, great staff, highly recommend it if you want to get your contractors license. Passed both trade and law first try. “

Jonathan Felix


This school was perfect for my husband. They work with your schedule to make sure you are able to attend class. He highly recommends this school.

Ruby Allen


The staff was helpful with the odd questions I had throughout the school and very responsive to my phone calls and texts. They helped me from start to finish.”

Kevin Morrison


Like the Beach Boys, we think California Contractor Schools are the best, especially ours. I mean, don’t take it from us. Take it from the Beach Boys, who (for legal reasons) definitely did not approve this message.


When you pass our class, we’ll give you a certificate. And, no, we’re not going to give you one until you pass the class. And don’t try to forge our certificates either. We’ve seen ‘Catch Me If You Can’ at least twenty-seven times and can’t be outsmarted. Now that that’s settled — You can hang your certificate in your bedroom above the mantelpiece, just move aside the your wedding pictures. Your significant other will appreciate that 🙂 After all, construction is what pays the bills.

contractor school classes

Invest in yourself, we always say. Everything is better when it goes up — except for gas prices, is something we also say.

What Is A Contractor School?

Right now, you’re wondering, what does this all mean? How does it work? And how am I going to make enough money to afford that Tesla? I will answer most of these questions.

Our job is to help you get your license.

But you have to ‘help us help you.’ (I just watched ‘Jerry Maguire’ last night. Great movie.) And jokes aside, we do truly want to help you.

Because the process of getting your license can seem unreasonably daunting and it’s hard to find all the information you need on the internet. The internet, though it seems to have all the information in the world, also does a good job at bringing mass confusion. Like that time I looked up some symptoms on WEBMD and found out I was dying (3 times).

So I’m here to clear some stuff up.

To get your Contractors License you must be over eighteen-years-old, have a valid social security or ITIN number and (notice I drop-kicked the Oxford comma the heck out of this sentence) have four years of experience in the past ten years. And you must own a Tesla.

The last point is misleading. You don’t have to own a Tesla, but it can help you save money on gas. Not a lot of room for tools though. You ever tried fitting a chop saw and a sack of potatoes in a Tesla? Only me? Okay, moving on.

So you have that stuff.

Well here’s some more stuff you need to know.

You have to pass three tests with the state of California. A ‘Law and Business’ test. A ‘Trade’ test (on the trade of your choice). And an open-book asbestos test.

The way you study for those tests (esp. the trade and law) is by taking our classes. You can take our classes in-person, online through Zoom classes, or you can simply study the materials. (the dreaded Oxford comma has shown its ugly face. I’m shaking and crying).

How do you apply for the tests?

Easy. Botta-bing, botta-boom (is that how you spell those words?). You fill out an application. Don’t worry. We’ll help you with that. You have to get one person (they don’t have to be licensed although that would be preferable, to sign off on your application verifying you have at least four years of experience in the past ten.

If you have college education, you can eliminate some time off of those 4 years.

Back to the point (future).

If you want to have a future in the industry (we want you to. Cali needs good contractors like yourself) you must do these things. It all starts with enrolling with us or calling us for more info. 800-659-1207.

After you pass the tests…

You must get a contractors bond in the amount of $15,000. Which will cost you about $100 a year.  Which is less than your sister is paying for the Netflix account you use.

Sure, there are a few little details remaining in this beautifully written description I’ve written on how to get your license — like getting a live scan and washing your Tesla. Or allowing your Tesla to wash itself.

The reason I’m not mentioning those things is that I’m tired and I need to make myself a sandwich. So you can blame your lack of information on my BLT on sourdough bread.

Also the details aren’t super important.

What’s much more important is you getting started. Because we’ll walk you through the details once you get going.

When I first started going to the gym, I didn’t look up every little thing there was to know about muscles. When I enrolled in a history class, I didn’t try to figure out all of world history first. I jumped in. Literally. Everyone thought I was strange, because I jumped all the way across the room to my class, as well as all the way across the gym to the leg press.

In the words of Malcolm from Jurassic Park, ‘Life will find a way.’ (this quote may not make any sense in this context, but I thought it was a good quote).

Here’s a better quote: ‘Get your contractors license.’

That’s from me.

When you first started doing construction, you didn’t have it all figured out. But you figured it out over time. Because you’re capable. You’re ready to enroll. You’re ready to take this next step in your career.

It’s time.

Locations, Locations, Ponies

We have so many locations it’s not even funny. Reminds me of my mother-in-law. Don’t get me started.

Chula Vista

We love this city. Even the tacos.


Orange is cool. Not enough oranges. Would have expected more orange buildings, but I digress.


Wine Country, Wine Country, Hot-Air Balloons, Old Town.


Cool place to get a Contractors License.


We built this city. On rock and roll, mostly. And Contractor Licenses.


We offer online classes. You can learn from anywhere in California. Or even overseas, or on the seas, we don’t care. (I wish my mother-in-law was overseas).


Now is the time to enroll and get your contractors license. This is your sign.

There’s nothing left to say. Do it. Let’s go.

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