Classroom Instruction Course (Specialty License)


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Materials Included.

Everything you need to get your California Contractor license as a C-61 or D specialty contractor license.

Take our classes. And receive a pack of materials —

  • books
  • audio streaming
  • practice tests — to study from as well.

Remember, we’re located in Temecula, Corona, Orange, Riverside, and Chula Vista.

If you’re not in or near one of those areas, consider our Livestream Classes or our Homeschool Option.

If you’d like to enroll in person, or if you just want more information, call us to set an appointment: 800-659-1207.


 Law Only 

✓ Full Online Classes

✓ Manual

✓ Law Video Access

✓ Law Audio Access

✓ 24/7 Access to Simulated Tests

✓ Application Assistance

✓ Pass Test Guarantee


✓ Email Assistance for all your Law Questions

✓ State License Application Assistance

✓ Math Review Video

✓ Health & Safety Review Video

Bonus: (Free):

Seven Digital Downloads:

✓ Contracting for Success

✓ Blueprint for Becoming a Successful Contractor

✓ Course Checklist & Homework Schedule

✓ Advertising Guidelines for Contractors

✓ Building your Career as a Licensed Contractor

✓ Becoming an Industry Expert

✓ Asbestos: Guide and Open Book Examination

Extra Bonus: (Free):

California License Law & Reference Book (A $50 value)

Additional information

Chose your classification

C61: Limited Specialty, D1: Architectural Porcelain (D64), D3: Awnings, D4: Central Vacuum Systems, D6: Concrete Related Services, D7: Conveyors-Cranes (D21), D8: Doors and Door Services (D28), D9: Drilling, Blasting and Oil Field Work, D10: Elevated Floors, D12: Synthetic Products, D16: Hardware, Locks and Safes, D18: Prison and Jail Equipment, D20: Lead Burning and Fabrication, D21: Machinery and Pumps, D24 Metal Products, D28: Doors, Gates and Activating Devices, D29: Paperhanging, D30: Pile Driving and Pressure Foundation Jacking, D31: Pole Installation and Maintenance, D32: Power Nailing and Fastening (D64), D34: Prefabricated Equipment, D35: Pool and Spa Maintenance, D37: Safes and Vaults (D16), D38: Sand and Water Blasting, D39: Scaffolding, D40: Service Station Equipment and Maintenance, D41: Siding and Decking, D42: Non-Electrical Sign Installation, D44: Sprinklers (D12), D46: Steeple Jack Work, D48: Theater and School Equipment (D34), D49: Tree Service, D50: Suspended Ceilings, D51: Waterproofing and Weatherproofing, D52: Window Coverings, D53: Wood Tanks, D56: Trenching Only, D59: Hydroseed Spraying, D61: Gold Leaf Gilding (D64), D62: Air and Water Balancing, D63: Construction Clean-up, D64: Non-Specialized, D65: Weatherization and Energy Conservation

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