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How To Get Your Contractors License In San Jose, CA.

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“If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

William S. Burroughs

  How To Get Your Contractors License In San Jose

Welcome to the epicenter of all things Silicon Valley — the epicenter of greatness.  San Jose has the largest population of any city in Northern California. Did you know that? Of course you did.

Because you live in San Jose.

And you’re trying to get your contractors license.

Silicon Valley, believe it or not (though it is easy to believe), has the third highest GDP per capita in the world. Makes sense, right?

Point is this: there’s lots of money to be made in San Jose and the surrounding areas. It’s a great place to live if you’re a contractor. Everyone needs plumbers and general bs and hvac techs and painters and kitchen remodelers (finish carpenters) and framers and the list goes on.

So, if you’re living in San Jose and you’re trying to get your contractors license, you’re in the right place.

How To Get Your License?

You have to pass a trade test and a law test with the state of California — specifically, with the Contractors State License Board.

How Do You Apply To Take The Tests?

Easy. You fill out and submit an application to CSLB. We can help you with this. In fact, it’s part of what we provide as a contractor license school.

You must have four years of experience in your trade to be able to take the tests. It’s really that simple.

Visit The Wine Country.

San Jose has a great wine country. Give that a tour. Think about your planes and dreams and hopes. Think about how when you get your license you can make all the money you can possibly make. Think good and positive thoughts. That’s important.

Your dreams are close. You’re on the right webpage.

Studying For The Tests.

If order to pass the trade and law test, you should study. And that’s where we swoop in like a jackal in a courtyard (weird analogy, but you probably don’t get the point).

That’s where we swoop in like an ostrich in a landfill (again that makes no sense).

That’s where we swoop in like San Fransisco bay on a hot summer day (I guess that sort of makes sense).

Take An Online Course (like this one)

You can take our online course. We’ve graduated students all throughout California. Our online course is brilliant. Brilliant = everything you need, all the information, books, materials, video, audio, practice tests, that you will need to be able to pass your state tests.

Great thing about our online course is that we have exclusive Zoom classes. You can connect with one of teachers over Zoom (we only allow 44 students in at a time) and learn across several sessions everything you need to know.

As well, you’ll be able to interact with the teacher over Zoom — ask questions and all that good stuff.

Pretty penguin, right?

(By penguin I mean cool. I’ve drinken too much coffee today. Sorry.)

Or Study From Home Without Zoom

Tired of Zoom? Tired of live classes?

We have a home study option. With this option, we’ll ship you all the materials you need as well as provide you with online access to our pre-recorded classes (in video and audio format). So it’s the same thing as the online course but without the live-streamed class.

Why would you want to do this option?

Maybe you don’t like Zoom. Or maybe you’re trying to save money.

The home study option is fantastic. – me

Incorporation Services

In business, it’s important to protect yourself and your assets. That’s where incorporating your business comes in. Luckily, incorporating your business doesn’t have to be too much of a hassle. We make it easy. We provide incorporation services. In other words, we can help you turn your business into a corporation.

You don’t have to be a corporation to get your contractors license, so you don’t need to worry too much about this right now. However, if you’ve always wanted to incorporate, we can help you with that.

We provide more services.

Other than our online courses, we provide web design services, branding and more.

We even have a brand new course — A Construction Project Management course. So be sure to check that out if you’re interested in becoming a Construction Project Manager.

We’re One Phone Call Away -> 800.659.1207

If you’re confused, have questions or whatever, give us a call. We like to talk to people. We’d love to hear from you and answer your questions. Or we can just talk about ice cream. We also love ice cream.

Or we can talk about San Jose — because San Jose has it all: Costco, Rotary Gardens, Fruitdale, Downtown, Campbell, Cupertino, lots of Silicon and lots of Valley, Steve Jobs (the memory of) Imax theaters…

And you’re surrounded by Redwood trees.

And Saratoga.

And Palo Alto (and James Franco).

And contractors who get their licenses and make bank. Literal bank. Like, contractors who build and furnish and remodel banks. We’re talking Wells Fargo, Chase, and mom-and-pop banks.

And contractors who make great money because they decided to stop thinking and instead to take action: to get their license and build their own business.

Trust me, pursuing your dreams (though a risk), is way more fun than living to support other people’s dreams.


A lot people ask us: when are you going to introduce free Cinnabon into the program, as in Cinnamon rolls. The answer is simple. But first, here are a few pages we want to highlight, in case you’re interested in learning more:

How To Become A General Contractor
How To Get Your Contractors License Online
How To Get Your Contractors License From Home
How To Study To Get Your Contractors License
Contractors License Requirements
Types of Contractors Licenses (All Classifications)

To answer the Cinnamon Roll question, we’re on a strict bring your own (as well as one for your teacher) policy at the moment. Check back for future updates.

All The Benefits

  • 4 Law & Business Live Streaming Classes
  • Once A Week For 4 Weeks
  • Two Months Access
  • Trade DVDs and CDs.


  • – Law & Business Practice Tests
  • – Trade Practice Tests
  • – Access To Law-Class Recordings (Video and Audio)
  • – Trade DVD Teaching
  • – Trade CD Teaching
  • So Basically Everything You Need To Study Law and Trade


  • Application Assistance (That Application Can Be Difficult)
  • A Handy-Dandy Pass-Test Guarantee
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Open. Now Enrolling.

Order our home study package and study till your heart is content and drink milk and cookies and then fall asleep and then dream of great business ideas. And then wake up. And then pass your state tests.

Call us if you have any questions.

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