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How To Get Your
Contractors License Online

How To Get Your Contractors License Online.

while watching ESPN, if possible.

So how do you get your contractors license online?

Well, we offer an online course, for California.

‘Adapt or die,’ is a quote from the greatest movie of all time: Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt. If you haven’t seen that movie, do yourself a favor and watch it.

We’ve adopted the philosophy.
We’ve also adopted eleven chinchillas.

Back to the point: the internet is cool and you’re on it right now. And you may have taken online courses before. You may have taken a masterclass and learned about space travel or writing or dinosaurs (or the lack of dinosaurs).

Who knows?
You know.

Point is, we have an online course, and it’s pretty epic.


To get your license in California you need to have four years of experience in your trade. There are lots of trades and if you’re confused what trade you are, check out our classifications page. There’s a lot more info there. And also free gelato. *that’s a joke.


You will probably want to study for these tests. And you’ll probably want to listen to some classic oldies music to get hyped. I recommend Sinatra or Elvis or The Four Seasons.

That’s where our online course comes in.


It works perfectly, thanks for asking.


Salamanders are strange. And native to Hawaii. And they know how to build rafts. That’s just a fun fact. Keep reading for actual information.


And also made in China (that’s another joke. I am so sorry).


For our online course, we livestream our classes over Zoom. So you can tune in and watch the classes live and even interact with the teacher. You can ask questions and type messages in the chat and all that kind of cool stuff.

You can even make yourself a custom background in your Zoom window. We recommend something Star Trek related. If you can’t find a good Star Trek picture, you can settle for a picture of the Beatles.

Hey, JUDE!


In addition to the live-streamed classes, you will also get all the stuff listed above. Specifically:

  • A law manual.
  • A trade manual.
  • That’s in addition to the livestreams.
  • Trade DVDs
  • Online Practice Tests
  • Eleven chinchillas.

Okay, so how do you purchase?
Slow down there, Quasimodo.
You should probably know this first:
You’re awesome. Keep up the good work.

Okay, now you can purchase?


Because this is an online course, you can study from anywhere. Here are a few ideas: California (that’s a good place), inside a condemned building in Santa Ana, chilling on a bridge in Northern Cal, Canada (actually not a good idea to be honest), San Fransisco (is a cool place. they once found gold there), LA (as in, Los Angeles), Dodgers, Rams, Anaheim, Bakersfield (if you have to), McDonalds, Starbucks, your local coffee shop, your even more local coffee shop, some place with lots of dogs. Dogs are cute.


We offer a few packages with our online course.

The diamond one is our best, for obvious reasons. Here are a few:

  • Salamanders (not really).
  • You get exclusive once-a-week classroom sessions only for Diamond Members.
  • You get a $200 discount on our incorporation services.
  • You get a discount on our Construction Project Management course.
  • You get our pack of Digital Template Construction Contracts (which is usually over $200)
  • So there are a lot of benefits.
  • Oh, and you’ll get a certificate (which you can show your mom).


The gold package is dope.
But not as good as diamond.

You can review more of the differences on our Contractors License Online Course page.


If you get tired while studying, do jumping jacks to wake yourself back up.


You have to fill out an application.

Cool thing is, when you sign up with us, we send you a video that walks you through every step of the fill-out-the-application process. Which is kinda complicated.

Forms, am I right?

Nobody likes them, except for psychos.
Which reminds me, I need to watch the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock.
Pretty sure that movie takes place in California.
So that’s a coincidence.

And it’s also a good place to end this short story.

We hope you were enlightened. And that you find the light. Because light is better than darkness. Unless you’re trying to hide from a bad guy. In that situation, darkness is your ally.

Keep that in mind.

And also keep in mind that you’re so close to getting your contractors license. All you have to do is enroll.

It’ll be the best decision you make.
You don’t want to wait to start your career, or to further your career.

Don’t put it off.

All the great men and women in this world take risks.
That’s what Americans do.
That’s what courageous people do.

Sure, the price is sort of expensive.
But you probably bought your flat-screen TV for that price.
And your flat-screen TV ain’t making you money.

Your contractors license can pay back your schooling costs with one job.
Do the math.
You’re smart.

What we’re trying to say is this: be bold. Take a risk. Dive in. Don’t wait. Don’t let life pass you by. No one respects the person who holds back. Who hesitates. When you meet the love of your life, you go for it. You ask them out. You don’t hesitate. If you hesitate, you miss your opportunity.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Invest in yourself rather than in lottery tickets or casinos or TVs or whatever else. Because at the end of the day, you’re worth more than all of those things.

You’re more important.

Hopefully you feel encouraged.
I do.

Good stuff.

Classroom Instruction

Come To Our Classes.

Classroom instruction and everything you need — videos, manuals, practice tests — to get your contractors license. Enroll in our classes. And we’ll help you get your license. From start to finish. It’s what we do.

Call us.



  • 4 Law & Business Live Streaming Classes
  • Once A Week For 4 Weeks
  • Two Months Access
  • Trade DVDs and CDs.


  • – Law & Business Practice Tests
  • – Trade Practice Tests
  • – Access To Law-Class Recordings (Video and Audio)
  • – Trade DVD Teaching
  • – Trade CD Teaching
  • So Basically Everything You Need To Study Law and Trade


  • Application Assistance (That Application Can Be Difficult)
  • A Handy-Dandy Pass-Test Guarantee
get your contractors license from home
The information is all there you just have to read it. Good classes.
Mike Steifel


Note from the CONTRACTOR LICENSE SCHOOL: Sure, Mike’s review was pretty basic (there weren’t any exploding helicopters or fireworks), but still. You get the point. Right? Okay, fine. We’ll include a more ‘in-depth’ review at the bottom of the page.

financing options available if you qualify.

okay fine, if you’re not convinced yet, continue reading about what you get with the homeschool package:

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