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Welcome to the most Old-Fashioned and Titanic — and by ‘Titanic’ we mean ‘Epic’ and even ‘Wholesome — Way of Learning and Studying: CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION.

Join us at one of our locations:Temecula, Corona, Orange, Riverside, and Chula Vista.
If you don’t exist near these areas, consider (confident please) our Online Courses or our Home Study options.

We even offer a Pass-Test Guarantee. ^^^

Our course includes books:

  • audio-streaming
  • practice tests
  • access to the lessons on video
  • application assistance
  • so many bonuses your head will spin. In a good way ^^^.

If you’d like to enroll with one of our specialists or in-person, or if you just want more information, call us to set an appointment: 800-659-1207 Let’s Talk.

And then talk some more.
Choose your Classification below to get started, or continue scrolling for EVEN MORE information.

The ultimate course: Everything you need to pass your California Law and Trade exams and get your Contractors License.

- Four Classes At The School Of Your Choice
- Course Syllabus (manual)
- Online Classes on Video
- Audio MP3s
- Four Main Practice Exams in Book
- Online Practice Tests

- DVDs
- Manual
- Online Practice Tests
- Practice Exams in Book

State License Application Assistance
- Via Online Video.
- Appt. if necessary.
- Via Phone, if needed.

Eight Digital Downloads:
- California License Law & Reference Book, a $50 value
- Contracting for Success
- Blueprint for Becoming a Successful Contractor
- Course Checklist & Homework Schedule
- Advertising Guidelines for Contractors
- Building your career as a Licensed Contractor
- Becoming an Industry Expert
- Asbestos: Guide and Open Book Examination

These materials have helped thousands of contractors get their licenses in California. It's like a cheat code but for real life.

Here's a little more information on the process.
Upon enrolling in the course you'll be able to start attending classes right away. You'll also receive the application and materials.
After about a month of attending the classes and studying you'll be able to send off your application. Don't worry we help you fill it out so there you are fully prepared.
After that, you'll get test date/location choices. You can choose when/where you take your test and then from there take the test.

I find this to be a good time to mention our pass test guarantee.
If you can pass our simulated exams, you can pass the real thing. Period. I spelled that out to exaggerate my point but also to conclude. So as long as you pass our exams you have nothing to worry about.

Well, that's all you need to know for now.

Why not get this started?

The beginning of a wonderful adventure. A new life free.

If you have any other questions go ahead and give us a call. Or schedule an appointment to meet with us.

But if you're ready go ahead and smash that button below.

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A: General Engineering, B-1: General Building, B-2: Residential Remodeling Contractor, C-2: Insulation and Acoustical, C-4: Boiler, Hot Water Heating and Steam Fitting, C-5: Framing and Rough Carpentry, C-6: Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry, C-7: Low Voltage Systems, C-8: Concrete, C-9: Drywall, C10: Electrical, C11: Elevator, C12: Earthwork and Paving, C13: Fencing, C15: Flooring and Floor Covering, C16: Fire Protection, C17: Glazing, C20: HVAC, C21: Building Moving/Demolition, C23: Ornamental Metal, C27: Landscaping, C28: Lock and Security Equipment, C29: Masonry, C31: Construction Zone Traffic Control, C32: Parking and Highway Improvement, C33: Painting and Decorating, C34: Pipeline, C35: Lathing and Plastering, C36: Plumbing, C38: Refrigeration, C39: Roofing, C42: Sanitation System, C43: Sheet Metal, C45: Electrical Signs, C46: Solar, C47: General Manufactured Housing, C50: Reinforcing Steel, C51: Structural Steel, C53: Swimming Pool, C54: Ceramic and Mosaic Tile, C55: Water Conditioning, C57: Water Well Drilling, C60: Welding, C61: Limited Specialty, ASB: Asbestos Certification, HAZ: Hazardous Substance Removal Certification

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