We offer many services. And sometimes surfing lessons.


Logo design and branding to make your business look and appear legitimate.

Web Design

Our highly trained ninjas are ready to make you an awesome website. And break some boards with their heads.

Search Engine Optimization

You need to rank in Google to maximize sales. It’s kind of that simple. We can help.

Content Strategy

Need content for your website? We provide premium content. Our writers are the best.


We help people establish their businesses by filing their Articles of Incorporation.


Surety Bonds, Workers Comp, General Liability, AMC Theater Gift Card. (Minus the gift card).

Fun Facts

Here’s some stuff you probably don’t want to know.

Happy Clients (Give or Take a few).

Lattes Drinken (Sometimes Decaf)

Trips To See The Mona Lisa

Baseballs Signed By Babe Ruth

Website Design

Learn more, including pricing, about our web design services.

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Incorporation Services

It’s time to establish your corporation. If you do business as a sole-prop, your personal assets are on the line. You can protect yourself and save money and taxes through incorporating. Yes?

Surety Bond

Every contractor has to have this in order to have their license. It’s not an option. CSLB won’t issue you a license unless you have this bond in the amount of $30,000.

Workers Comp

If you have employees, you need workers comp insurance. You also need peanut-butter jelly sandwiches. Trust us, people love peanut-butter jelly sandwiches.

General Liability

Cover your ass-ets with general liablity, which covers property damage. So that’s good. Batman has a great general liability policy, as you can probably imagine.

What We Do Best

We have skills. Nunchuck skills and computer hacking skills, in particular. That’s a quote from Napoleon Dynamite. We don’t actually have computer hacking skills. Or do we?…

Excellent school! I passed law and electrical exams on my first try and I was more than ready. They also set up my S Corps and helped me through the full process.

Charles Blake

Electrical Contractor

Allen and his team have been extremely diligent in answering all my questions in a timely manner. I’d been working for a licensed contractor for 4+ years, but there were so many things our business wasn’t doing that I learned and implicated into our process.

Michel Sansovich


Allen is a great teacher… has a lot of knowledge and gives you the best tips to be successful. I will definitely recommend this school. Great experience. Thank you Allen for being great teacher and always bringing a good attitude.

Oliver Gamez


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