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– Email Assistance for all your Law and Trade Questions
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Seven Digital Downloads:
– Contracting for Success
– Blueprint for Becoming a Successful Contractor
– Course Checklist & Homework Schedule
– Advertising Guidelines for Contractors
– Building your career as a Licensed Contractor
– Becoming an Industry Expert
– Asbestos: Guide and Open Book Examination

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– California License Law & Reference Book in digital format, a $50 value.

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This package of materials provides you with everything you need to be able to easily pass California State's Law and Trade tests that you must pass in order to get your Contractors License.

That's applies to all licenses.

That's right, we can help you get any of the licenses. You'll choose from the drop-down menu when you order.

The process of getting your license can seem daunting, but that's why we're here to help. For more information regarding the process, you can call us at 951-678-6971 or continue reading. (Note: we love hearing from people, so don't hesitate to call).

You'll find that our classes, after you order and receive the program, will answer minor points of clarification.

For now, here are the basic steps it takes to get your Contractors License in the state of California:


You must have four years of experience in the trade in which you want to get licensed. If you have an associates degree the state only requires you have three years of experience. If you have a bachelor's degree, the state only requires two years of experience in your trade.

How do you prove your experience?

To prove your experience, you must have one person sign off on your application, verifying your experience. This person doesn't necessarily need to be a licensed contractor. The signatory can be a person you've worked with or even a client if you're claiming status of self-employed.

Now, you don't actually need to fill out your application right away. In fact, it's recommended you begin taking classes first, because once you send off your application the state is going to give you a test date and you're going to want to be ready.


Our course has everything you'll need -- a combination of material you access online (online videos, audio and practice tests) as well as physical materials we'll ship to your address -- a law book as well as a trade book and DVDs, being the main items. The books will also contain helpful practice tests.

Online Practice Tests

The online tests are one of the greatest assets we provide to you. In fact, we guarantee that if you're passing our online practice tests you'll have no problem passing the state test. This guarantee hasn't failed us yet.

Taking The State Tests

When you're ready to take the tests, you fill out and send your application to the state. Upon signing up with us, we'll email you (included in your package of materials) a PDF of the application you can print. We'll also send you a video in which we walk you through exactly how to fill out the application. And, if you have any questions, you can call us for help.

The state usually takes a few weeks to respond with your test date.
So you'll have some extra time to study.

Before you take the tests.
It's recommended you get a DBA before you apply to take the tests. If you're unsure what that is, no worries. It's relatively inexpensive. Depending on your county, the price may be anywhere from $20 to $100. In our classes, we'll teach you exactly what a DBA is and why it's recommended you get it before applying for licensure.

After The Tests
After you pass your tests, you'll need to do two things. Acquire what's called a Surety Bond. We act as insurance brokers so you can always contact us to get the bond, which is usually about $100 for the year. You must have this bond in order to receive your contractors license.

You must also get a livescan (usually with a Notary or a livescan service) -- which is a background check. This is typically under $100. You submit this to CSLB.

And, then, you receive your license by mail.

Again, it may seem daunting.
But it's simple, and we'll walk you through it every step of the way.
Feel free to call.

Order on this page and you'll receive your study material through email -- and mail in about a week.

We hope you the best.

Our passion is your success,
Alcom Business Solutions.

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A: General Engineering, B: General Building, C-2: Insulation and Acoustical, C-4: Boiler, Hot Water Heating and Steam Fitting, C-5: Framing and Rough Carpentry, C-6: Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry, C-7: Low Voltage Systems, C-8: Concrete, C-9: Drywall, C10: Electrical, C11: Elevator, C12: Earthwork and Paving, C13: Fencing, C15: Flooring and Floor Covering, C16: Fire Protection, C17: Glazing, C20: HVAC, C21: Building Moving/Demolition, C23: Ornamental Metal, C27: Landscaping, C28: Lock and Security Equipment, C29: Masonry, C31: Construction Zone Traffic Control, C32: Parking and Highway Improvement, C33: Painting and Decorating, C34: Pipeline, C35: Lathing and Plastering, C36: Plumbing, C38: Refrigeration, C39: Roofing, C42: Sanitation System, C43: Sheet Metal, C45: Electrical Signs, C46: Solar, C47: General Manufactured Housing, C50: Reinforcing Steel, C51: Structural Steel, C53: Swimming Pool, C54: Ceramic and Mosaic Tile, C55: Water Conditioning, C57: Water Well Drilling, C60: Welding, C61: Limited Specialty, ASB: Asbestos Certification, HAZ: Hazardous Substance Removal Certification

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