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contractor diamond online course. The best way to get your license.

You’ve arrived at the best package that you will ever arrive at.

I seriously mean it. It’s our DIAMOND package.

This is actually the best deal I’ve ever seen in my life. Even better than the Taco Bell Cravings Box. And there not much better than the Taco Bell Cravings Box, except for this of course.

For just $999 you get everything you need to get your contractors license. AND. MORE. How is this even possible?

Let me explain.

With our Diamond package, you get EVERYTHING that you would if you went to the in-person class (obviously minis actually coming in person).

  • You get our very own law curriculum
  • your trade book
  • CDs & DVDs
  • state simulated exams for the trade and law
  • FREE application assistance
  • pass test guarantee

First off let me explain our law curriculum.

The normal law book is over 1,000 pages. Why would we make you guys read all of that? We read through it all for you already and condensed it down into only what you need to know. We also utilize different learning methods to ensure that as we teach you don’t just hear the material but that you understand it.

On top of all of this we’ve created our very own website called HomePro Works. The reason I tell you this is because you get to be a part of it once you get a license through us!

We put you on it, completely free of charge, so that you can get more clients! This is how it works: If I need some contracting work done on my house or building I will search up on the website what type of work I need. Then, the contractors that go through us will be brought up and I can choose which one that I want to use. Again we do this COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE so that you guys can get more clients! What is better than that?

Let me tell you. On top of all of this, you even get taught by serial entrepreneur and CEO, Allen Diaz. He doesn’t just teach you how to get your contractor license, but he goes beyond that. He shows what running your business will look like as well as tips and training on how to run it. As an owner of multiple successful businesses, he really wants and strives for you guys to be the same. He doesn’t just want you guys to get your contractor’s license and thats that, but he wants you to continue to grow even beyond that.

I am so confident that this class taught by Allen Diaz will bring so much value to you and your future, that if it doesn’t I, myself, will buy you a Taco Bell Cravings Box (the best second deal to every exist behind the Diamond package).

I am looking forward to you getting into the course and getting you one step closer to having a successful business up and running!

See you soon.

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AJ Diaz

AJ Diaz

We've been serving California for years. We've literally graduated hundreds of contractors.


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