Getting Your Contractor License and Rockets and What They Have to Do With Eachother

Getting Your Contractor License and Rockets and What They All Have to Do With Eachother.

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Getting your Contractor License can be scary.

What going to happen? What should I expect?

These are questions that you most definitely just asked yourself when you read them.

Well, let me tell you what’s going to happen once you get that license.

Your income increases astronomically, people take you even more seriously, and you get 100 times cooler. Imagine this.

You’re walking through a science convection with your beautiful wife whom you met on an online Christian dating website.

Get Your Contractor License

You walk by tons of rockets that are priced way to high, but then there it is… one of the most extravagant machines youve ever seen.

The time traveling machine. Now, before you had your contractor license you couldn’t afford it, since, legally, you cant take a job for more that $500.

BUT now since you have your license, you can afford it because you can take jobs at ANY price.

So what do you do?

You buy the dang thing. With this machine you go back into time when you didn’t have your contractor license. But before confronting you, you go and buy an In-N-Out burger.

What burger do you get? You got a 10 by 10. But then you took off 9 of the patties because you only wanted 1. Why did you buy a 10 by 10? Because since you got your contractors license and started making big money you can do what you want.

Time to confront you.

Remember you just went back in time so now you are confronting you. You walk up to you and you tell you to get a contractor license. What do you do? Get a contractor license. Which you are we talking about? You.

Since you got the license a lot earlier in life you made even more moeny. But it doesn’t end there. You end up attending the same science convention as before. But this time you are eyeballing all of the things that were priced way too high you. Why?

Because you now have MASSIVE money, even more than the you. And then you see it… SpaceX’s discontinued rocket. 1/1. No other rocket for sale and none quite like it.

It can launch you and 5 others to space, fully complete orbit around Earth, AND return you back to Earth all under 6 hours. Now, with your massive money you buy the rocket. You then hire a team to launch you and your family to space. You’re about to launch and then you realize you have no rocket fuel.

You quickly go to home depot and go to the fan section. You buy the fans. You set the fans up to watch your rocket fly. Now you have a bunch of fans to watch you launch your rocket. You then go inside to get some rocket fuel you’ve been hiding for 12.6 years for this moment. You then take off into space. Your kids experience space at a young age and it inspires them to get their contractor license.

Now your kids are walking in your footsteps. And whats better than that? Get your contractor license.

Your kids are counting on it.

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AJ Diaz

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