What Do You Need To Become A Contractor In California?

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Our CEO Allen Diaz Explaining the License Requirements


This is the main thing.

Everything else is secondary.

Here are the secondary things in a quick spill (of the facts):

1. Four years experience in your trade.

2. One person to sign off on your application, verifying your experience. ^^^

3. A valid ITIN or SS number.

To learn more about the requirements visit our requirements page

That’s it.

Easy, right?

Yes, having the qualification is easy.

Having the grit — that’s the hard part.

Half of the people (maybe more) who read this article are going to say to themselves, “One day I’ll get my Contractors License.

They never will.

Because they don’t have grit.

They’ll want to know so many more details.

They’ll say, wait, don’t I need to get insurance, don’t I need to have it all figured out before I jump into the deep end.  Don’t I need to ask my spouse.  Don’t I need to think about it.  Aren’t the tests hard to pass…

They’ll never get their license ^^^

They’re too busy drowning in the deep end of NEEDING ALL THE DETAILS.

Here’s the cold, hard truth:

If you want to get your contractors license in California you need to just go for it. You need to go for it right now. Today.

Why wait?

If you have a credit card, throw the price on your credit card.

We have all of the greatest options you would ever need to be able to get your license.

We’ll provide you with all the study material and classes — in-person or online — that you’ll need to pass your state tests and GET LICENSED.

So why not sign-up today?

Why wait?

Sweat the details later.

Today, sweat the fact that if you don’t dive in, you may never.

Even Jesus speaks like this: he says, today is the day of salvation.

He says, Repent while it is DAY.

What he means is, do it NOW.

Don’t wait until tomorrow.

Nighttime will come and will swallow all of your dreams and goals and hopes.

To get your contractors license in California, it takes grit.

Only 1% of people who read this article will take the dive right now.

And if you’re in that 1%, you’re going to win in life.

Because winners make moves.

Winners have the courage to follow their dreams.

Winners run the race to win — which is also a quote from the Bible.

We don’t run to lose, we don’t run to be mediocre, we don’t run to see if we can pace ourselves properly and do ‘just okay.’  We don’t run to survive.  We don’t run because it’s pretty outside.

We run to win, yes?

In the end, we want to win.

I believe we all can.

But we need to take the necessary steps in the direction of our destiny.

  • We can help you fill out the application to the state.
  • We’ll provide practice tests.
  • We can even guarantee that if you take our courses, you’ll pass the state exam.

But we need you to do one thing.

Jump in.

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Construction Guru Extraordinaire







Hey, it’s me. Jack Anthony. I wrote these posts. If it helped you go ahead and leave a comment down below and checkout our courses. Other than that good luck getting your contractors license. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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