5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Your Contractors License (Parody)

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These are the top 5 reasons you SHOULD NOT get your contractors license.

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1. You’re allergic to money.

Some people are allergic to toxic people.

Some people are allergic to healthy people (these people are toxic people).

Some people are allergic to nuts: as in, they’ll drop dead if they see a nut from a mile away.

Some people are allergic (or so they say) to gluten.

Some people are allergic to being awesome: these people are called losers.

And some people — like people without their Contractors Licenses — are allergic to making money.

They just don’t want to make it.

It’s like, there’s a big pile of money just sitting there, waiting for them to pick it up, and it’s right in front of them: barrels and barrels full.But these people (who are allergic to money) say to themselves: I’ll let my boss have these stacks of cash. Because these stacks of cash will surely kill me.

Can you relate?

Have you ever had the opportunity to get your contractors license but then you didn’t because you’re too afraid of making money?

For sure.

2. You SHOULD NOT get your contractors license if you prefer working for other people for the rest of your existence on this Earth?

Some people like to fly airplanes.

Some people like to pretend that they’re flying airplanes.

And some people like to sit down and shut up and never do anything with their lives.

And some people like to slave away all their lives for others.

If this person is you, then DO NOT, ever, never, (don’t even think about it) get your contractors license.

3. Don’t get your contractors license if you’re too busy.

Let’s say you like to party.
Let’s say all you do is party.

Let’s say all you want to do, for the rest of your life, is party and drink.

Well, then, don’t get your license.

You’re a lazy, boring person.

4. Don’t get your contractors license if you want to be a taxi driver?

Not that there is anything wrong with being a taxi driver.

But, one has nothing to do with the other.

So it might be better to stick to taxi driving.

Or maybe you want to become an opera singer.

More power to you.

5. Do not get your contractors license if you hate vacations?

Sure, there is stress to striking out on your own and owning your own business.  BUT, the benefits are as such:

You can make your own schedule.

If you make some extra great money: you get to invest it back into your business, yourself, your family, your friends.

You can go on great vacations, travel and see the world.

If you hate vacations and travel and seeing the world, then getting your contractors license is not for you.


You’ve reached the end of:

The top 5 reasons you shouldn’t get your contractor’s license.

Bravo, bravo.

We’ll see you again next time.

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