How To Get Your Contractor License In Marina Del Rey

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Marina Del Rey, the long lost sister of Lana Del Rey. Wait, that isn’t correct.

Apparently this is a city in California. After extensive research through Google, I am extremely disappointed to inform you all that Lana Del Rey was not born in Marina Del Rey. She apparently was born in some small city called New York.

Anyways, In the five minutes I have known about Marina, I have grown very fond of it. It looks like a beautiful place. Beautiful beaches, boats, and architecture, it looks like a great place for my annual fantasy football draft.

The most intriguing thing was the architecture. I loved the beautiful lighthouses. It reminds me when I played minecraft in third grade and tried to make a lighthouse. That sounds like an insult but I was actually a Minecraft prodigy. It inspired me to become a contractor, until I found another passion, helping out contractors.

Today, I want to call out all contractors in Marine Del Rey or near.

No, not the kind of calling out that youtubers who are convinced their boxers too. I want to encourage you guys to take action today. If you have over 4 years of experience in construction, it’s time.

You don’t want to work under someone your whole life right?

Start your own construction company and thrive in freedom!

How do you start your own construction business though? In California, you need a contractor’s license to legally operate and do any work over $500.

That’s why we’re a Contractor License School (I know, mind blowing). We teach you everything you need to know for the trade and law exam you need to take. At the Contractor License School, we are passionate about people trying to start their own business.

Our students are not just another number on a screen, they are family. Each one of you guys has a unique story, and we want to help you reach your full potential!

That’s why we don’t just help you get your license, we give you other great resources to expand your business. Websites, marketing, business filing, we do it all. At the end of the day it’s all about you.

We have many services, but we just want to see you thrive. There is a reason we are writing to Marina Del Rey.

We believe that Marina Del Rey has great potential to thrive as a contractor!

Currently, contractors are in high demand. That means that once you are licensed, jobs will be flying to you! Not to mention, when you sign up through our school and become licensed. We generate you leads for you!

We have another business called Home Pro Works. This is a website where all people looking for work can go to, search for a specific type of work, and find the right man for the job.

We will list you on that website for completely free when you sign up.

So what are you waiting for? Be your own boss and thrive! Call us today.

Construction Guru Extraordinaire

Construction Guru Extraordinaire


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