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Ah Amador City, a place that sounds like a planet in Star Wars.

Maybe you are a planet from Star Wars. Do Ewoks live there?

No one would know because Amador is the least populated city in California. Maybe because Ewoks are not considered humans.

Did you know that Amador City is known for its famous gold mines, I didn’t either ’till 5 minutes ago.

angel statue on building. Telling the people of Amador City California to get their contractor License.
Totally legit Amador Architecture.

Something that stands about Amador is the architecture.

Do you know who designed and built those buildings?

Contractors. Contractors are the backbone of not just this beautiful state, but the entire country. Every single structure you see, was built at one point. The electricity in your house, to the air conditioning, everything was built by a contractor.

What do all these successful contractor’s have in common? They have their contractor’s license. In the state of California, you need a contractor’s license to do big work.

Once you’re licensed, you start your own company, get employees, land clients, and make big money.

laughing male constructor showing thumb up at working desk. He's happy because he got his california contractor license online.
When you get your contractor license.

That’s why we’re calling all construction workers from Amador City to take action today!

If you get your contractor’s license, we guarantee you clients will be running to you!

Why can I guarantee that?

Well because since Amador is such a small city, you’ll be one of the very few with your License there! The city will look to YOU for their work, not to mention the civilians too. Getting your contractor’s license is one of the best decisions ever.

It will set up a career that lasts a lifetime, makes you your own boss, and gives you financial freedom.

In order to qualify for your California Contractor License,

  1. You simply just need to be 18,
  2. Have four years of experience
  3. A valid SSN or ITIN

That’s it! Now you may be thinking, “There are no classes near me”. 

No need to worry, the Contractor License School has an award-winning online course.

That means that you can learn to become a successful contractor from the comforts of your home.

We understand some like to see the teacher and ask questions in real time. That’s exactly why we offer livestreams.

Watch the teacher from their camera, and simply unmute your mic when you have questions. It’s just like you’re there in person.

Here at the Contractor License School, our passion is your success. That means that we want to see you succeed. You aren’t just another number in our system, you’re family.

We believe that Amador City has great potential when it comes to construction.

If you get your contractor’s license in Amador, the potential is endless for how much you can expand.

We understand that you are a contractor, not a businessman. For that reason, we specifically emphasize the law side of things.

We want to prepare you for your new business, so once you’re licensed, you’ll be ready to launch your new business.

So what are you waiting for Amador city, the time is NOW.

Getting your License will bring financial freedom. We look forward to seeing you, call us today!

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