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Looking to get your contractor’s license in California? It’s easy, and we can help you through the entire process. 

The only prerequisite you need to be able to get your license in the state of California is four years of experience (within the last ten years) in the trade in which you want to get licensed.

In other words, if you want to get your plumber’s license, you’ll want to have four years (minimum) experience in plumbing. If you want to get your General B license, you’ll have to have four years experience doing rough carpentry. If you want to get your H-VAC (C-20) license–well, you get the picture.

Now, you do have to have four years within the last ten years. That means, if you haven’t worked in construction at all in the last ten years, you wouldn’t qualify to your license in California. The good news for you is, you can always move to another state that doesn’t require the journeymen level (4 year) experience. The bad news is there is no way you can get your license in California unless you go to work for a license company for four years.

What if, you ask, you have four years experience but you were self-employed. Well, that’s okay. Those years count, and you can get your license. And you better get your license because legally speaking you’re not allowed to do construction unless you have a license or unless you aren’t violating license law. Which means, you can do construction unlicensed so long as the jobs are under $500 (labor and materials).

If you have a bachelor’s degree in college, the state only requires two years of experience in the trade of your choice.

So, if you have the necessary experience, and you qualify to get your license, what do you do next?

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You have to pass two tests with the state of California. You have to pass a law test (on Construction Law) and a trade test (on the trade of your choice).

You don’t need to do any schooling. For example, there’s no requirement for you to attend our school or any other contractor school. You can simply apply for those tests and go an take them.

Problem is, it’s highly likely you will fail without any test preparation.

That’s where we come in.
The purpose of our school and our study materials is to prepare you to pass those two tests: the trade and the law.

Our program takes only four weeks (class is one night a week) and, if you are nowhere near one of our Locations (we’re in Temecula, Lake Elsinore, and Orange), you can do our school online from anywhere. We’ll simply ship you your textbooks and you can watch the pre-recorded classes online.

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AJ Diaz

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