How To Get A License for Flooring Installation

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You want to install floors?

You want to be great?

You want to rise to the upper echelons of reality.

By installing floors.

It is, ironically, possible.

Here’s How:

Get your Contractors License For Flooring Installation.

flooring contractor
This is Bob. He’s our flooring guy. But he only poses. Truthfully I’ve never seen him lay more than one plank but, hey that’s life.

You’re going to want to get your C-15 Flooring and Floor Covering License.

Here’s how you do it in twenty-seven simple steps which I’ve condensed into one step and then expanded into two more steps:

ONE STEP – Do it.

You just gotta get out the vacuum and go to town, no pun intended.

In this case, the vacuum is your RESOLVE and the TOWN is enrolling our Contractor School Course.

If you live in Southern Cal, you can enroll in one of our schools, take your pick: Chula Vista, Temecula, Corona, Riverside, Orange.

If you live anywhere other than those places, you can enroll in our Diamond Online Course.

Our Diamond Course was constructed in a factory deep in the Himalayan mountains by a group of sentient penguins.

So, it’s pretty expert.

STEP TWO – You have to make sure you’re qualified.

If you can answer YES to the following questions then you are qualified to get your contractors license in the beautiful state of California.

  • Are you alive?
  • Do you have four years of experience doing flooring stuff?

If you answered YES to these questions, congratulations.

It’s time to fly.

(learn more about requirements at our requirements page)

And then to lay some massive carpets.

And to take some massive action.


This is my personal favorite step.

I call it that because that’s what it is.

You must study the material we provide for you.


By studying it.

Here’s how:

We’re going to give you a plethora of amazing things:

  • Practice Tests.
  • More Practice Tests.
  • A Pass Test Guarantee
  • Live classes (in-person or online)
  • Pre-recorded video of the lessons
  • Pre-recorded audio of the lessons
  • Study books
  • Chocolate muffins
  • All right, all right, all right.

What You Must Provide For Yourself

  • Pencils.
  • Pencil sharpener.
  • School supplies.
  • Binder.
  • Backback.
  • String cheese.

Step Twenty Seven: All the steps are over.

Picture this:

You took our course.

You learned a lot.

You applied for your tests (we helped you fill out your application because we’re really cool like that).

You passed the state exams.

You got your license.

You started your own business.

You started taking your own jobs.

You threw down some beautiful carpets in some beautiful homes (and in some mediocre ones as well).

You collected cash, card, and all of the rest.

You started making more money.

You started making your own schedule.

You got a beautiful website built (for yourself, by us).

You took a vacation to Hawaii, then to Bali, then back to Hawaii.

You ate a pizza.

Then you ate a salad.

Then you rested.

Then the 49ers won the Superbowl.


So what’s stopping you from becoming a flooring contractor?

What are you afraid of?


You are afraid of nothing.

Get your license.

And shine.

Additional Resources:

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Construction Guru Extraordinaire







Hey, it’s me. Jack Anthony. I wrote these posts. If it helped you go ahead and leave a comment down below and checkout our courses. Other than that good luck getting your contractors license. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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