Diamond Online Course

It can be hard to get your Contractors License we make it easy

Our online course will give you everything you need to pass your state exams and get your contractors license. We’re the best 😉 — this course is for California. And everyone on the planet MARS.

Practice Tests

Exclusive Zoom sessions

Discount on Incorporation Services

Get your license. Visit Mars (with Elon). Build stuff. Retire on a beach in Hawaii.

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Getting your contractors license doesn’t have to be hard.

We want to make it easy. We want you to be able to study from the comfort of your own home.

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1. Enroll

And take our four classes, over Zoom. One class a week for 4 weeks. Thursday nights. We also ship you study books.

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2. Practice Tests

If you pass our practice tests, you’ll pass the state tests. Our practice tests are on point 😉

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3. Apply for State Tests

Don’t worry. We’ll help you fill out (and even review) your application. Once you’re accepted, you’ll go to a CSLB approved testing site and pass your tests.

Traditional Contractor Schools

Traffic and Cost < Convienence

You can save money enrolling in an online course.


In-person classes require you battle through traffic each and every week. Costing time and, not to mention, gas money. Gas money, in California, is in dire straights — thanks to President-you-know-who.

I put a picture of a llama here, because nobody wants to look at traffic.


No one likes traffic.


I repeat, no one likes traffic.

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Unlicensed Contractors Can't Compete

Doing construction work for yourself for more than $500 per job (labor and materials) is illegal. And, if you’re unlicensed, you’re more likely to get ripped off.


Unlicensed – can’t lien to recover money owed.


Also, illegal. You won’t get as many jobs.

Contractors talking about Contractor License Class

Our online course works.

Take our classes from the comfort of your own home. Botta-bing-botta-boom. Crazy, right!? Or do it from Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop, while drinking your favorite latte or iced-drink.

Sounds like a dream, right?

I hope Tarzan and Jane are in the dream. And gorillaz. And the band, ‘The Gorillaz.’ And, of course, licensed contractors. An entire jungle of licensed contractors.

Classes (Over Zoom)

4 Zoom Classes. Once-a-week. You get two months’ access. Which means you can repeat the classes once.

Study Books

Study books for the Trade and the Law. There are practice tests within the books as well as online.

Audio/Video Access

Access pre-recordings of our Law Classes for up to six months. Listen to them while you drive, fly kites, bike, run, swim, or even salsa.

contractor license online course

Classes and Practice Tests

Save time by taking online classes. Since the classes take place over Zoom, you can interact with the instructor.


Exclusive classes. *live broadcasts. limited availability. so enroll now.


No need to fight traffic. (Or even smell good).

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Practice Test Guarantee

We guarantee that if you pass our practice tests, you’ll pass the official state tests that you must pass to receive your contractors license. Kapish?


Trade and Law practice tests. Everything you need to know.


Six months access to our online tests.

Course listing

Apply and Get Licensed

It’s really not hard. We’ve graduated thousands of students. We’ve helped them every step of the way. Moreover, the first ‘Jurassic Park’ is still the best one.


Make more money.


Be your own boss.

Join thousands of happy customers

Just three cheeky examples of our wit, class, and style (but mostly our course):

This school is amazing. Extremely knowledgeable people and very easy to work with. The teaching style is exactly what I need to succeed and they actually care about your success. They are also very good to veterans and I appreciate all of their help. I highly recommend this school and would give it more stars if it was possible. Thank you Allen and James, you guys are the best.

Mike A.

Contractor, Google Review

I would recommend this school to anyone. I passed on my first attempt and their classes really set me up for success. It was great to be able to view their course curriculum whenever I wanted. This enabled me to study whenever I had the free time and cram when I needed to.

Garret Brown

Contractor, Google Review

Allen and James were great to work with. They helped me with updating my license from a personal to a corporate license (B). Allen also helped me with the paperwork for my C-2 license. Thank you for all your help.

Norbert Ibarra

Contractor, Google Review

Ready to get your Contractors License?

Our course will teach you everything you need to know.

Bono speaks the truth.

Classes, practice test, books, everything you need to succeed.

Save time and money by doing it online.

Get your license and make some $$$

Use your money to buy a capuccino machine.

Benefits of the Diamond Course

This $1199 Course Is Not Without Great Benefits

Maybe a little too great…


Application Assistance

We’ll direct and help you fill out your application so that it gets processed faster.

Quality Support

Personal attention. We’re a family-owned and run business. Personal attention is how we roll.

Practice Tests

We’ll provide online tests for the trade and the law.

Construction Project Management

If you enroll in the Diamond Course, you’ll get a discount on our Construction Project Management Course.


Construction Constructs

With this course, we’ll provide you FOR FREE with our pack of templated construction contracts (a $249 value).

Incorporation Discount

We typically charge $1,200 to file the necessary documents to Incorporate your business. If you enroll in this course, we’ll reduce this fee by $200.

Finding Diamonds


We call it this because we can. Because it’s the premium option — you save $200 on incorporation services, you get templated construction contracts for free, and so much more. And we like diamonds. Diamonds are the best rocks out there — and they take time and pressure to make.

Online Course

Books and Such

But what is the Diamond Online Course? (In Case You’re Still Confused…)

In a nutshell (we love nutshells. and we’ve adopted seventeen squirrels. weird, right?), the Diamond Online Course is all the TEST PREP you need to be able to pass your state tests and get your contractors license.

There are some awesome perks to the Diamond Online Course:

  • Exclusive Zoom Livestream Sessions (on Thursday nights).
  • Limited capacity (which means more personal attention for you).
  • You get $200 off our Incorporation Services (we can help you file for you California Corporation).
  • Study books (for the trade and the law)
  • Practice Tests (for the trade and the law)
  • Access to pre-recorded video and audio of all classes (in case you miss a class).
  • Audio classes – you can listen to on your commute everyday. Say yes.
  • Application Assistance
  • And even a Certificate of Completion
  • Oh, we’re also going to send you our pack of templated Construction Contracts (in editable digital form) for free. Which is crazy that we’re even offering it for free. Cuz normally it’s $249.00 for all the rest of our students.

Here’s a video, in case you’re on a fence (I always watch videos on fences). This video explains everything:

contractor school classes

But how many students pass?

We’ve graduated thousands of students. Cool, right?

But how many of them have passed their state tests? So far, all of our students who have passed our practice tests, have passed the state tests.


Even cooler, right?

You’re next.

That’s just facts.


100% Passed

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask us stuff.

Do I even qualify to get my license?

Here’s the only requirement: you must have four years of experience. That’s it. Oh, a Disneyland Annual Pass wouldn’t hurt. To give it to us. Give us your pass. So we can go to Disneyland. Thanks.

How do I prove 4 years experience?

You have one person (former employer, current employer, or even a fellow employee) sign off on your application.

Simple. As. That.

Don’t get bogged down by this step, because you have a lot of options when it comes to who can sign off on your application.

The important part is, if you have four years of experience, you need to begin the process of getting your license.

By enrolling in a class.

Let’s go, go, go.

How awesome is the Contractor License School?

Thanks for asking. If cool had a ranking system, we’d be top-ranked. Somewhere up there among Brad Pitt and Shania Twain’s thoughts on Brad Pitt.

How much money can I make as a licensed contractor?

Have you ever played that game, ‘Hungry Hippos.’ It’s kind of like that. With your license, you can make enough money to buy hippos.

Real-life hippos.

Pretty cool, right?

Jokes aside, with your license, you can bid whatever you want for projects. You can be your own boss. You can make way more money that working for someone.

Point is, it’s time to get started.

A note from the CEO / Founder / Human Being / Part-Time Gorilla (Glue Expert)

I want people to make more money.

If you’re one of those people, you’re in the right place.

I also like people to perfect their backflip technique (I used to be a gymnastics coach in a former life).

Point is, I like when people get better at things and level up in their careers and in their lives.

That includes you.

Some people have too many excuses when it comes to getting licensed. They deliberate and deliberate and think until exhaustion and they never take action and they never enroll and they never get licensed and they work for their boss forever and always until they die.

Don’t be that person.

I believe in you. Be awesome. Like I know you are. Enroll and get started on the next step of your career.

You can get your license and get one job and it will recoup all of your schooling costs.

That’s how cool construction is.


Allen Diaz


pipeline contractor

Ready to start succeeding?

Above, you read a succinct statement to hopefully inspire you to get your LICENSE. And listen to the ‘Gorillas.’ The aforementioned band.

Learn dope stuff.

Get license.

Make dope money. *not literal dope money. construction money.

We believe in you. And in Jesus.