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You found your way to our Contractor License School in Chula Vista!

Contractor License School San Diego

While Chula Vista is one of our smaller offices, that just means that its even more like a family!

This office will be open Monday through Friday, but we will only take appointments from 3-6:PM, on Tuesdays. We do accept walk-ins but it would be awesome if you could give us a call or text when you want to come in so that we can be better prepared for you!

Call us (800) 659-1207.

If you are wondering how to get to our office we understand. It can be a little confusing. You are going to want to park in the big parking structure. If you can, park on the second floor. This floor will be the easiest to navigate. Enter the double doors to the main building and take the elevator to the fifth floor.

Once the elevator opens, you will want to walk into another set of big double doors and talk to the receptionist. Tell her that you are here for the Contractor License School, and she will guide you to us! We have a class here every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m.!

When you get signed up we provide you with everything you need.

  • Our very own Law Manual
  • Trade Book
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Multiple Online Practice Tests for your Trade and Law
  • Application help and more!

The class that you will be attending will be focused on the law portion. We understand that you may have been working in the trade for years and years and don’t necessarily need to be educated on it, and that is why our class will mainly focus on the law.

Now what we did to make it easier for you is that we read through the 1,000-page law book from the state and condensed it into only what you need to know.

But don’t worry, if you are the opposite and need training on your trade we provide you with multiple state simulated exams as well as your book, CDs and DVDs.

When you come into our Tuesday night classes, James Diaz will be your instructor. He has been teaching for over 7 years! A very educated man, James has led many on their path to success in obtaining their contractor license.

James makes sure that you dont just hear the law but that you also understand what you’re learning. James has much experience in dealing with all types of contractors.

With that being said no matter what license you are looking to get James will make sure that you are educated on what will be on the test and preparing you for it. That way when you actually go in and take the test through the state, you will be able to pass it with no problem!

Allen diaz owner of the contractor license school smiling at the camera in a suit.

What’s awesome is that sometimes our Chula Vista location is guest-visited by CEO Allen Diaz. When Allen is not attending business, you will see him teaching here and pouring out his wisdom.

At our Chula Vista location you can find all type of future contractors. Landscapers, Concrete Pourers, Electricians, Drywall Installers, etc! New sign ups every week leads to a fresh, new, and inviting environment.

Join these aspiring contractors and get on course to getting your contractor license today! We guarantee that our class and material will allow you to pass the state test!

Get started today, and get one step closer to having your successful business up and running!

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