How Long Does It Take To Get Your Contractors License?

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Truth is, it really depends on you. But now you’re wondering: what’s the process? How can I speed it up? And then the image comes to mind of eating ice cream on a hot day and it’s melting under the sun and you have to eat it fast.

Getting your contractors license can feel like that. Cool thing is, you can grind it out and get your license within a month (maybe, sorta). Likely it will take two or more months. Here’s why (and don’t worry, I’ll explain fast, my chocolate-vanilla swirl is melting as I’m typing, and gas prices are going up faster than the 7/11 they’re building right next to my house):

In order to get your contractors license you must first take your State Administered Tests. Kapish? (Is that how you spell ‘Kapish?’ Whatever…)

And in order to take your State Tests you must submit an application to the state (of California). If you’re wondering how to submit your application, you may want to check out our article on that very topic. It’s hard. And it’s also easy. Like ice cream.

Anyway, (and I hope you’re not all bent out of sorts from all the attempts at humor), once you submit your application it can take the state several weeks to get back to you with a test date. The test date is crucial. It will determine how long it will take you to get your license.


You submit your application today (National Ice Cream Day, hopefully) and it takes the state two weeks to process your application. Well that means they’re probably going to set your test date about two weeks out from the time they process your application. So you’re looking at a test date within a month of today.

But what happens once you pass the tests?

Well, it takes them a few weeks to process that. You have to complete a few assorted items (picture these items as the toppings on your ice cream: Reeses, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, gummy worms, etc…).

The main items being: you need a bond. For more information on the bond, checkout our INSURANCE PAGE. In short, bonds are easy and inexpensive to get (think vanilla ice cream from Costco).

You must pass a 3rd test (that’s a little trick from the state–we like to call it a ‘hat trick’ because it reminds us of the Mighty Ducks). An open-book asbestos test. Keyword: open book. Easy. (No ice cream reference here, sorry).

You must submit these items to the state and await processing. At last they’ll send you your license number in the mail.

From start to finish in this scenario we’re looking at about two months.

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Now this is the more likely scenario. The state usually takes more than two weeks to respond to your initial application submission. More like 4-6 weeks.


We need to talk about the elephant in the room. In order to pass the state tests you’re going to need to study your heart out. Literally, remove your heart from your body and put pen to paper and get studying. *don’t literally do that please. we do not actually encourage heart-rending at our schools.

Studying is fun, said no one ever. Except for nerds. Except for people who eat ice cream. Okay, this article is going off the rails. Let’s get back on topic.

You’re going to need to study. Which is why we’ve invented (in a factory not unlike the one seen in the Willy Wonka movies) a set of study materials that will teach you everything you need to know to pass the state tests. We’ve hidden the information on how to purchase said materials so deep in this site that we haven’t gotten a sale in eleven years (just kidding). Anyway, browse our site or give us a call for more info on that.

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Scenario Two Summary:

You’re looking at two to three months to get that license. Make sense?

All right, well, I’m gonna eat my ice cream now. And you have decisions to make. So make them. Enroll in our school. We have a great online program or a homeschool option or in-person program. What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking… The ice cream is melting… And the sun is shining on all your hopes and dreams. In a good way. Not like a Seattle-raining-all-the-time-way.

Okay, see ya.

Construction Guru Extraordinaire

Construction Guru Extraordinaire


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