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How To Get Your D-9 Contractor License

We get it.

You need your contractor license. 

I want you to get your license. 

Now that we got that out of the way. It’s time to get into the nitty gritty details. 

It’s also time to bake a delicious cake.



How To Get Your D-6 Contractors License

Concrete am I right. You either love it or you hate it. 

But in this case you must love it. 

Or else you wouldn’t be tryign to get your D-6 Contractor License. 

And you wouldn’t be on this page. 


only three things. you need:

1. Four years of experience doing D-6 work (by work, we mean work).

2. You must be at least 18 years old.

3. You must have a valid social security or ITIN number.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 as I like to say. But in reality is it that easy? 

YES. but also no. 

4 Years can be hard to come by especially when you are just starting out. But chances are you already have 4 years. Probably have more like 15-20 years and are just ready to start making it on your own. Well then you need to be aware of the next steps. Passing the exam…


Ok you have your experience. Check (✅). 

But what you don’t have is a license. 

That’s like being able to drive but doing it without a license. 

Wait. That’s exactly what it’s like. 

Except it’s illegal when it comes to contractor licenses and you get in big trouble when you do work without one. 

Ok so back to the test. 

When it comes to the D license you only need to pass one exam. The ‘law and business’ 

Unlike your drivers test this is difficult. But similar to the permit test it is online. 

The test covers everything from contract law, bonds, liens, to taxes. 

But there’s hope for you. Hope that comes in the form of the Contractor License School. 


Wait that’s us. Yup. We exist to help you LEARN to pass this test.

We teach you valuable knowledge that will help you pass this test and the tests you will face when you begin to work your business. 

Yeah it’s a hard test. But hard things are hard because they hold a large reward. And this reward comes with loads of opportunity. 

What i’m saying is it’s worth it. 

It’s worth the time, studying and investment in order to level yourself up. 

Here’s how we do it. 

1. Homestudy – Where you teach yourself using different books, videos and online materials. 
This course is best for those who are looking for a more flecible line of learning. 
2. Online – Tune into our live classes and participate online. 
This course is for the busy bees who may not always be able to make classes. 
3. In Class – Join one of our schools for in person lessons and attention. 
This course is for the most serious because here you will join a classroom and learn from experienced teachers in person. You still learn from the same people in the online course. However it’s online. Just a bit different. 

These courses are meant to help. But if you need help understanding any of them give us a call. Specifically at the number below. 


You can view all our courses here 

How do you verify your experience?

Great question. 

You will send in an application stating your information, business entity, favorite color (jk) and most importantly a description of the work you did with a wet signature. This can be signed by a variety of peolpe. Your boss, another D-6 Contractor, journeyman, etc. So that’s that. We provde plenty of resources for you to help cross the t and dot the i’s to ensure you are good.

Here’s the thing

You need your license. 

Like it’s illegal to not have it unless you’re doing jobs for less than $500 (including labor & materials). 

The only way to get around this is to actually get your license. 

 It may seem scary but you have everything you need. You also have us. Like a good zipline we won’t let you down. 

So why not give it a shot?? The future is waiting. 


Straight from the mouth of the CSLB comes the description of what it means to be a D-6 contractor. Enjoy it. Savor it. For you may never feel this level of boredom ever again. 

D-6 – Concrete-Related Services Contractor

California Code of Regulations
Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

A concrete related services contractor installs reusable steel concrete form sections or interlocking precast pavers. Performs post-tensioning work, concrete sawing, breaking, curing, floor hardening treatment, coloring concrete, concrete restoration, coring work or operates a concrete pumping service; also includes the application of gunite, but does not include the installation of reinforcing steel.



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