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How To Get Your D-56 Contractor License

Contractor License? But How?

You want your contractor license.

(I’m guessing that’s why you’re here) 

I want you to get your Contractor License. 

So let’s get that Contractor License.

Give us a call.



How To Get Your D-56 Contractors License

If you’re reading this you probably want your Contractor License.

I respect that. 

You’re trying to level up and take your work to the next level. 


I had someone give us a call the other day. 

I told him all the requirements and he shouted “That’s it! I could have done this years ago” 

Yup. That is it. 

There’s only three requirements:

1. Must have 4 years of experience doing D-56 work

2. Must be over 18

3. Must have a valid SSN or ITIN

For more information regarding the requirements go to the CSLB website. 


Now that we have gone through the experience and requirements let’s get into the meat and potatoes. 

Of course I mean some delicious smoked brisket.

Oh. And the CSLB State Exam. 

This is truly what you need to do to get your license. 

Chances are you’ve had 4 years of experience for years now and are ready to move on. 

Maybe you’ve thought of getting your license but the test held you up. 

Well no longer. It’s time to get it done. 

In order to get the D-56 license you must pass the Law and Business exam. This test is hard. It was written by lawyers to uptain a high knowledge of law admist contractors. 

So if you also have experience studying law then, well, you’re ready to go. 

But if you’ve never done this then you may not be as prepared. 

But that’s ok because there’s loads of resources to help you out. 


Here at the contractor school we prepare you to take this exam. 

So much we even quarantee you can pass this exam. 

And if you don’t. Well I don’t know what we’ll do because that’s never happened. But I suspect we’ll pay for your retake. 

Here’s how we do it:

1. Homestudy – Where you teach yourself using different books, videos and online materials. 
2. Online – Tune into our live classes and participate online. 
3. In Class – Join one of our schools for in person lessons and attention. 

These courses were custom made by our CEO Allen Diaz. A serial entrepreneur and contractor dedicated to seeing the success of all contractors in business and construction alike. 

When creating the courses we went through the 1,000+-page law book and condensed it to everything you need to know. Because who wants to read all that. We definetly didn’t. But we did. For you. I hope that shows our commitment. 

Plus you get plenty of other resources from online practice tests that simulate the exam to videos and audious alike. 

Give us a call if you have questions. 


How do you verify your experience?

I hope you’re getting as fired up as I am. 

Here’s the next steps to getting your license. Verifying your experience. 

Here’s how you do it: 

1. Receive Application upon enrollment

2. Complete application with basic information 

3. Sign work experience 

4. Submit and schedule test 


I hope this doesn’t come as a scare to you.

Because it shouldn’t. 

If you’re intial thought was to panic because you didn’t know who can sign off for you don’t worry.

There are plenty options and we go over many of those in the course. 

You can get your license. 

You will get your license. 

You will make massive money. 

You will be free. 

Here’s a sample below you can look over. You do receive an application upon enrollment as well as assistance in filling it out so you don’t need to know it 100% right now. 

How to verify your work experience in order to get your California Contractor License

How long does it take?

We recommend you send your application out 1 month into the course. This allows you ample time to go through the course, get every lesson then move on to the license exam.

Of course you want to get your license as soon as you can right, so work diligently when getting the contractor signature and you’ll be fine. 

After that there is a waiting period of 4-8 weeks. Why? Because the CSLB needs to process your application. 

In total you’re looking at about 3 months from start to finish if you want to get your license like a speed demon. 

Not too bad right? 

That being said, life happens so we give you a 6 month enrollment time to ensure you have everything you need. 

What’s the best business entity?

Two words. 

S Corp. 

They’re the greatest thing in existance. 

Besides Kevin Heart. 

Let me explain. If you want to maxamize your coverage and pay the least in taxes then you need an S Corp. 

(we cover corporations more in the course) 

The Contract Bond

The surety bond aka the contractor bond is only necessary after you pass the test. 

However it is easy to get and doesn’t cost much. 

Learn more about the fees attatched to getting your license here


If you made it this far I want you to remember one thing. 

Take action. 

The only sure way to never receive your license is to never try. 

That’s the only way to fail. 

A Detailed Description Of The D-56 Contractor License

D-56 – Trenching Only Contractor

California Code of Regulations
Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

A trenching contractor is a limited specialty contractor whose contracting business is trenching only for foundations, pipelines, conduit and related trenching work.



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