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How To Get Your D-50 Contractor License

Time To Get Your D-50 Contractor License?

Good news. We want to help you. 

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How To Get Your D-50 Contractors License

Getting your D-50 Contractor License is much easier than you think. (unless you think it’s really easy)

It may seem like you need to do all these things and there’s so many questions. 

But in reality there’s just a few. 


There are a few requirements necessary when getting your license. 

Just three to be exact:

1. Must have 4 years of experience doing D-50 work

2. Must be over 18

3. Must have a valid SSN or ITIN

4. Make a perfect pizza (and share it)

Ok maybe I was joking about that last one. 

 But other than the first three. That’s it. 

Pretty simple. Almost too simple. 

For more information regarding the requirements go to the CSLB website. 


The truth is you’ve been preparing for your contractor license for many years now, you just didn’t know it. 

Passing the test and receiving the license is just the final step. The final sprint. 

 Ok so you have the proper requirements. Great. 

Now it’s time to move onto the next step. Passing the state ‘law and business’ exam. 

This is a very difficult step. I know I said getting your license is easy and yes that is true but the actual test is difficult. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

See if you tried to take the test right now you likely wouldn’t pass. 

This is because it is written by lawyers and takes a lawyers knowledge. 

Good thing we have just that. 

When developing our material at the Contractor License School. We came together with lawyers to do just that. 


Our passion is your success.

Here are our courses:

1. Homestudy – Where you teach yourself using different books, videos and online materials. 
2. Online – Tune into our live classes and participate online. 
3. In Class – Join one of our schools for in person lessons and attention. 

These courses (or any course) are the key to passing the CSLB law and business exam. 

Without a little study it’s pointless (unless you’re really good at guessing).

The test requires time and study in order learn the knowledge necessary. 

Give us a call if you have questions. 


How do you verify your experience?

By now you’re probably curious, ‘how do I verify my experience?’

Great question. 

Here’s the steps: 

1. Receive Application upon enrollment

2. Complete application with basic information 

3. Sign work experience 

4. Submit and schedule test 


Essentially that’s all you need to know. 

Below is a the work experience portion attatched to the overall application. 

With this you will fill out the paragraph as much as you can with specific details a D-50 Suspended Ceiling Contractor might do. 

Then have it signed by another D-50 contractor (our recommendation) and send it off. 

Within 4-8 weeks the CSLB will get back to you and you can schedule your test. 

Of course we provide help with filling out this application and you will be good from there. 

How to verify your work experience in order to get your California Contractor License

How long does it take?

 In total it takes an average of 3 months (Including 1 month for the course and 2 months until testing). 

What’s the best business entity?

In terms of a D-50 small business it is best to get a S Corp. 

We explain a little more about this through the course however S Corps are the way to go for contractors. 

The Contract Bond

The surety bond aka the contractor bond is only necessary after you pass the test. 

However it is easy to get and doesn’t cost much. 

Learn more about the fees attatched to getting your license here


I know that was a lot of info to throw at you. 

However that being said the most important part is to just get started. 

There may be more things you. need to figure out  and that’s fine because we are there to help you.

Never taking that first step is the only way to guarantee you never get your license. 

A Detailed Description Of The D-50 Contractor License


D-50 – Suspended Ceilings Contractor

California Code of Regulations
Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

A suspended ceilings contractor installs, modifies or repairs all types of suspended ceilings, including but not limited to the following: lay-in-grid and other types of systems involving solid, perforated or translucent ceiling panels (no electrical work).


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