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How To Get Your D-31 Contractor License

You Want Your Contractor License

I want you to get your Contractor License. 

I also want to make a 12 stack of perfect pancakes.

Maybe I need a pole contractor. 

Give us a call and we’ll answer your questions. 


How To Get Your D-31 Contractors License

What can you do with your D-31 Contractor License. 

Well to be honest a whole lot. 

For example, make the structural integrity for a 12 stack of perfect pancakes.

But how do you get your license in order to do just that?


Let me narrow down the confusion for you. 

There are only 3 requirements you need to fulfill when it comes to getting your license. 

1. Must have 4 years of experience doing D-31 work

2. Must be over 18

3. Must have a valid SSN or ITIN

Now I know what you’re thinking. How do I prove my experience. We’ll cover that in a minute. 

First, what classifies D-31 Pole work? Well that would be any 4 years of journeyman, foreman, supervising employee, or contractor level work (CSLB)

Basically meaning 4 years working with poles. If you have that great! 

If you don’t but have a degree you can supplement up to 3 years that way. 

For more clarification you can check out the CSLB’s website on experience requirements for the exam. 

Now that that’s out the way. You can focus on what truly matters. 

Getting your Contractor License. 


 Ok so the first step you need to take when getting a contractor license is enroll in a school. 

This is important so you, well, get your license. 

But why enrol in a school? Are you supposed to take a test or something. 


That is exactly what you must do. 

In order to get your Contractor License you must pass the ‘Law and Business’ exam from the CSLB. 

This exam is dificult. I cannot lie. 

It was written by lawyers so in order to pass you must have a high level of understanding when it comed to Contract Law, liens, bonds, taxes etc. 

So let’s breakdown how you get that done. 


The only way to not pas your test is to not try at all. We won’t let you fail. But only you can will yourself to actually try. 

Our contractor license courses are designed to give you the tools for success. 

The test was written by lawyers and so we used lawyers to write our custom books and content.

Kinda like a fire fighting fire situation. 

1. Homestudy – Where you teach yourself using different books, videos and online materials. 
2. Online – Tune into our live classes and participate online. 
3. In Class – Join one of our schools for in person lessons and attention. 

The test covers everything from liens and bonds to contract law and taxes. You must be ready for it all. And must be ready to answer 125 questions of all. 

Give us a call if you have any questions. 


How do you verify your experience?

This was probably the second question that came to mind when you read you needed 4 years of experience.

The first was probably, ‘do I have 4 years of experience?’.

If the answer is yes then you have nothing to worry about. 

Here is how you prove the experience in 5 steps: 

1. Receive application (upon enrollment) 

2. Fill out application (including your business information, personal information and favorite color (jk)

3. Get a D-30 contractor to sign your application (or one of the other 7 eligible people) This verifies the experience you have. 

4. Submit and pass your test. 

5. Celebrate with Carne Asada. (and some to share) 

That’s it. If you worked for an employer they can sign off for you. 

Maybe you were working illegally then try and get a client. 


How long does it take?

You’re likely trying to get the license ASAP. Maybe your beinng threatened by legal actions and trying to get it quickly.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t take time. 

The CSLB takes 4-8 weeks alone to process your application before scheduling the test date. Which you do as of late. 

So yes you could get it done in a couple months. 

3 is the average and is a good is a good timeline. 

You want to be able to learn and be prepared for not just the test but also your business once you have your license.  

What’s the best business entity?

The greatest way to say this only takes two words. S Corp. 

At least putting it simply. 

Why is that? Because S Corps cost the least and give you the most protection. 

Which is what you want from a corporation along with tax benefits. 

We go into more detail within the course so don’t worry. 

The Contract Bond

Bonds. Bonds and more bonds. Yes you need a bond.

No you don’t need it before you take the test. Only after you pass. 

How do I study??

Now I can tell your getting serious. 

I respect that. 

The best way to study for your test is to simulate the actual exam. 

What do I mean? 

When you take the contractor license exam it will be online. Like a drivers permit test. 

Therefore taking practice tests will help you relax during the real thing. Plus the constant repition of failed questions teaches you the most. 


Don’t let another day go by without reaching for greatness. 

The time is now to get your license. 

So attack it and don’t look back. 

Your future success is waiting. 

A Detailed Description Of The D-31 Contractor License 


D-31 – Pole Installation and Maintenance Contractor

California Code of Regulations
Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

A pole installation and maintenance contractor installs wood or precast poles to support the wiring or cable that is installed by others or installs and maintains flag poles.


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