How To Make $140,000 A Year Without A Contractor License

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Do you think it’s possible to make $140,000 a year without going to school for years or working in a trade for years?

Well it totally is.

Three words.

Construction. Project. Mangement.


This has to be one of the best options that you can choose.

Don’t believe me?

Let me prove you wrong.

First off, like stated before, you dont have to have ANY experience in a trade or schooling to be a Construction Project Manager.

Absolutely none.

Secondly, the jobs that you will be working will be massive.

I know its sounds crazy. How can I be managing a job without any sort of intensive schooling or work, let alone a massive job?

You do it through this course.

We will educate you and teach you how to do it.

All the way from ordering huge cranes and making sure they are on the job site to simply making sure the workers are safe. We run you through it all!

Construction Project Management Certification
Construction Project Management Certification

Thirdly, the pay. Construction Project Managers can easily make six figures in their field.

While making $140,000 a year being a construction project manager is on the high end, the starting pay for being a construction project manager isn’t bad at all.

Studies show that the bottom 25% of Construction Project Managers are making $75,700. Again, that’s just the starting salary for a Construction Project Manager.

As do more jobs and get more familiar with everything you will quickly be making the average Construction Project Manager’s salary, according to ZipRecruiter, which is $97,783.

Again, this is just the average, and we don’t aim to just make you an average Construction Project Manager.

No, we want you to be in the top 75%, heck even in the top 90% of all Construction Project Managers.

When you manage to make your way into the top 25% of construction project managers you will be making a comfortable yearly salary of around $121,900.

From there the limit is the sky. Jobs can vary from $142,000 all the way up to $153,007.

And let me remind you. You need absolutely no sort of schooling or any experience in any sort of trade to get this started.

Here is what we guarantee after you go through our course.

  1. We will make sure that you are properly trained on everything that you need to know.
  2. You will receive your certification.
    [This will be the driving force into you actually landing jobs. It will show whoever is looking at it that you have gone through our course and are properly and thoroughly trained.]
  3. We guarantee professional training.

This course is fully taught by our very own Allen Diaz (enterprenuer and contractor) and Paul Netscher (former Construction Project Manager who has written many books on the subject).

These two wise men will take you through the many things you will need to know to be an accomplished and successful project manager.

Get signed up today with absolutely no sort of qualifications and get one step closer to becoming a successful Construction Project Manager!

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Hey, it’s me. Jack Anthony. I wrote these posts. If it helped you go ahead and leave a comment down below and checkout our courses. Other than that good luck getting your contractors license. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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