Blueprint Reading


Blueprint Reading


It’s time to level up.

Taking this blueprint course will make you that much more valuable, adding a skill to your arsenal.

The more skills you acquire, the more money you make.

And that’s true in the construction industry as well as any other.

This class will also help you to pass the trade test if you’re trying to get your Contractors License, and therefore it’s a great supplement to the trade and law study material.

Why this course if for you?
It’ll give you skill required to make more money, get better job offers, and be able to take on bigger jobs or projects for your own company.

It can never hurt to acquire new skills.

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FREE Lunch

Lunch is covered with the price of tuition.



Take your skills to the next level.


Be qualified for more jobs with blueprint-reading skills.

Blueprint Course

  Learn Blueprint Reading

  Get Certified

 Take Bigger Jobs

  Make More Money

  Classroom Experience

  Level Up

  Add To Your Skills


“Learn as if you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Blueprint Class

Watch this video to meet your instructor and learn a little bit more.

Remember, it’s always good to bet on yourself. And you can bet that if you learn blueprint reading you’ll have more skills which you can use to succeed in the construction industry.

Livestream Option

We’re offering livestream blueprint reading classes for $699 — you can learn from the comfort of your own home. While eating cup of noodles. Or a bowl of noodles. Or just plain noodles (cups and bowls have little nutritional value).

At any rate, it’s something to think about. But don’t wait too long. Specials don’t last forever.

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Note from the instructor:

The Blueprint reading certification course is here!
(January 15th & 16th, February 19th & 20th, March 19th & 20th)

The normal cost is $1,500 but right now, this December only, it is $899 plus tax for classroom instruction and $699 for LiveStream.

Merry Christmas! Oh, and all those who attend class. Lunch is on us.

Get certified, Grow your business, bid bigger jobs, make yourself or your employees more valuable. This is a deep dive into how to read, understand, and interpret Blueprints for any construction project. This class will also equip you to pass the state exam. Here is what you will learn:

Unit 1: Construction Drawing Organization
Unit 2: Construction Math and Application
Unit 3: Reading Measuring tools and using Scales
Unit 4: Lines and Symbols
Unit 5: Fundamental Drawing Practices
Unit 6: Specification and Building Codes
Unit 7: Construction Materials - Types and Uses
Unit 8: Site Plans
Unit 9: Architectural Drawings
Unit 10: Foundation Prints
Unit 11: Structural Prints
Unit 12: Residential Framing Prints
Unit 13: Plumbing Prints
Unit 14: HVAC prints
Unit 15: Electrical Prints
Unit 16: Welding Prints

Pay here to secure your spot:
Classroom: Blueprint Class
LiveStream: Blueprint LiveStream

I look forward to spending the next three days with you. Please purchase ASAP space is limited.

- Allen Diaz

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