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How To Get Your C-8 Contractors License

Who knew pouring concrete, which is a very simple job (just kidding), could be so lucrative?

In other words, concrete contractors are out there making loads of money.

So much they don’t know what to do with it.

The money is out there — it’s not scarce. In fact, it’s as plentiful as concrete itself.

Everyone needs concrete — except for maybe certain indigenous tribes.

People need concrete for building houses and buildings and skating rinks and all kinds of things. You would know better than me because you’re a concrete contractor. I’m just the writer for this website.

Best part is, concrete work is essential — even during pandemics.

Your country needs you.

Because, like we said, everyone needs concrete.



1. Four years of experience doing C-8 work. Which is concrete. Which is what you do.

2. You must be at least 18 years old.

3. You must have a valid social security or ITIN number. (simple stuff).

Mix that all together and all you have to do next is:


This is where we show up.

It’s our job to prepare you to pass the state tests so that you can get your concrete license.

There are two main tests: a trade test (which will ask you concrete-related questions — so that’s cool) and a law and business test.  Contractors often struggle with the law and business test the most.

Good news is we prepare you to pass both tests — with a combination of our classes, books, and practice tests. And we offer a pass-test guarantee. Which is a guarantee that you’ll pass the tests, if that makes sense.

There are a few extra (small) steps that we’ll guide you through.

Like how Nicolas Cage guided everyone into the underground chamber in National Treasure (the first movie where he steals the Declaration of Independence).

Often, contractors are daunted by the process of getting their license. But, like I said, we make it easy. Don’t be daunted. Be daring. Feel free to give us a call for more info. 866.570.3648


But how do you prove to the state you have four years of experience?

It’s so easy your Grandma could do it (if and indeed she had four years of experience in concrete. maybe she does).

Regardless, it’s simple.

You must have someone (a human person — no robots or AI) sign off on your application saying (verifying) you have four years of experience doing concrete stuff.

That person can be your current or former employer or a client (if you a self-employed concrete person) or a co-worker. This person doesn’t have to have their license — but that would be preferable.

And yes, you read that right: your self-employed experience counts. If you’re currently working your own concrete jobs and you don’t have a license you are breaking the law (in a big way), but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your license. All the jobs you’ve been doing (if you have four years of experience) will qualify you to get your license.

Like I said, we’ll help you through the process.

Nicolas Cage style. 

Description Of The C-8 Concrete License (FROM CSLB).

Here’s a brilliant (legal) description of the C-8 classification, taken from CSLB’s website:

(CSLB stands for Contractors State License Board — and they issue you your license. They are the government).

California Code of Regulations
Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

A concrete contractor forms, pours, places, finishes and installs specified mass, pavement, flat and other concrete work; and places and sets screeds for pavements or flatwork. This class shall not include contractors whose sole contracting business is the application of plaster coatings or the placing and erecting of steel or bars for the reinforcing of mass, pavement, flat and other concrete work.

Authority cited: Sections 7008 and 7059, Reference: Sections 7058 and 7059 (Business and Professions Code)

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