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How To Get Your C-6
Finish Carpentry Contractors License

Get your license, make more money.
It’s actually really simple.
All you have to have is 4 years of experience.
If you have that, talk to us.
And we’ll help you through the rest.

Our business was founded by a man who is a licensed C-6 Finish Carpenter. As such, this license is closer to our hearts than all the others. Finish Carpentry is such a specialty trade, in the best of ways. Finish carpenters, unlike many of the other tradesmen, get to create beautiful things.

Our business-owner’s cabinetry business focused on three things: refinishes, refaces, or rebuilds. Of course, he often branched out to crown molding, stairway railing, and other types of trimming and hardwood floors.

We’re glad you’re looking into getting this license. There’s nothing much better than a beautiful kitchen or bathroom; or the beautiful accents that crown molding lends to a home.

We want to help you get the license; and, more than that, we want to make it as easy as possible.

It can seem daunting, but we’ll break it down for you.


The only requirement is four years of experience in the trade.

If you’ve been doing finish carpentry for four years (anytime during the last ten years) whether you were working for a company or even doing the work on your own, you’re qualified to get the license.

If you have a bachelors degree, you’re only required to have two years of experience. If you have an AA, you’re only required three years.

What’s Next?

You have the experience.

The next step is to take and pass two tests with the state of California. A law test–which covers construction and business law. As well as a trade test–which will test your knowledge of the C-6 trade.

Now, if you have the necessary four years experience, the trade test will come pretty easily to you.

The law test is usually the one that trips up contractors.


The trade test was assembled by contractors (people who speak and think like you).

Whereas the law test was assembled by lawyers (lawyers think a little differently and use different terminology).

How We Can Help

Not to worry. The entire point of our existence is preparing you for BOTH tests.

Before I break down exactly how our program works, first let’s make sure you’re on the right page and this is the license for you.

Below is the exact definition of what a C-6 licensed contractor does according to the state of California.

C-6 – Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry Contractor

California Code of Regulations
Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

A cabinet, millwork and finish carpentry contractor makes cabinets, cases, sashes, doors, trims, nonbearing partitions and other items of “finish carpentry” by cutting, surfacing, joining, gluing and fabricating wood or other products to provide a functional surface. This contractor also places, erects, and finishes such cabinets and millwork in structures.

The amendments made to this section in 2002 shall become operative January 1, 2003, or as soon thereafter as administratively feasible, whereupon the C-6 Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry classification shall replace the C-5 Carpentry, Cabinet and Millwork classification on any license unless the qualifier for the license has passed the C-5 Carpentry, Cabinet and Millwork trade exam on or after January 10, 2000, or held the C-5 classification prior to that date.

Authority cited: Sections 7008 and 7059, Reference: Sections 7058 and 7059 (Business and Professions Code)

Our Program

For you, we have several options.

You can enroll in one of our schools. We have many locations in the southern California area. If you aren’t near one of our locations, or if you’re not interested in the weekly commute, we have a great option.

Online School

Online school is our most popular form of schooling. It’s been gaining popularity in recent years as many realize that it’s much nicer to study from home rather than driving ALL THE WAY out to a classroom. It saves time and you get all the same material.

Our final option is HOME STUDY.

Maybe you don’t want to pay for the full-scale online experience. You’re already knowledgeable on the law and don’t need the full program. You can browse our packages for reduced prices of different packages of material. We’ll ship the materials to your home.

Simple As That

It really is simple.

If you have the experience, you must take the two tests.

Then you’ll receive your license.

How Does The State Know You Have The Experience?


In order to take the tests, you must submit an application to the state. On the application, you must have someone sign off on it saying that they know you have the experience. This person doesn’t have to be a licensed contractor; he can simply be someone you’ve worked with. If you enroll in our program, you’ll receive more information regarding this step of the process.

Or you can simply give us a call and ask any questions you have.

We’re happy to assist anyone and answer any question.

(800) 659-1207

After The Tests

After you pass the tests you are required to purchase a bond in the amount of $30,000 — which is very inexpensive. About $200 a year. You also have to get fingerprinted (background checked) which costs about $70 from a notary or whoever offers such services.

Then, you’ll be a licensed contractor.

It really is that simple.

It all starts with enrolling in a school to get the instruction necessary to be able to pass the tests. We hope you choose us, because we have the lowest prices, the easiest-to-understand material, we’ve been around for quite some time now; we have great reviews, and our passion is your success.

You can enroll through our website.

You can call us with any questions.

You can even set a meeting with us if you’d like and you live near one of locations.

Thanks for you time.

Best of luck pursuing your finish carpentry license. It’s a great one. You get to make beautiful things and make great money at the same time. Who can complain about that?

Here’s a cool video from the president of our company. He explains in greater detail every step of the process, if you’re interested:

full online course

  • 4 Law & Business Live Streaming Classes
  • Once A Week For 4 Weeks
  • Two Months Access
  • Trade DVDs and CDs.


  • – Law & Business Practice Tests
  • – Trade Practice Tests
  • – Access To Law-Class Recordings (Video and Audio)
  • – Trade DVD Teaching
  • – Trade CD Teaching
  • So Basically Everything You Need To Study Law and Trade


  • Application Assistance (That Application Can Be Difficult)
  • A Handy-Dandy Pass-Test Guarantee
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“Excellent school! I passed law and electrical exams on my first try and I was more than ready. They also set up my S Corps and helped me through the full process.”

Charles Blake, Contractor

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