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So You Like Solar Panels?

The solar industry is booming.

Has been booming.

The only thing better than working in the industry.

Is being licensed in the industry.

If you’re trying to get your C-46 Solar Contractors License, you’re in the right place.



How To Get Your C-46 Contractors License

The solar industry is good.  Greater than all the rest.  Including dentistry. (I don’t know if that’s true — it’s an attempt at humor that probably didn’t work).

Here’s an actual fun fact: when the solar industry was originally booming (back in the early 2000s) there was no such thing as the Solar Contractors License. CSLB added that later.

So that’s good.

But you want to know how to get your license?

It’s actually pretty easy (though it can at times seem confusing. that’s normal. don’t worry about that).



1. Four years of experience doing C-46 Solar work.

2. You must be at least 18 years old.

3. You must have a valid social security or ITIN number.

4. You must be spectacularly funny and great at public speaking.

The 4th requirement is not a real requirment. Again, another attempt at humor. Sorry. Continue reading. If you clicked off this webpage we would understand.


If you meet the above requirements you’re ready for the next step, which is to fill out and send an application to CSLB (the contractor state license board) to get approved to take the tests you must pass to receive the license.

It’s step two.

And it’s also the main step.

Our job, as a Contractor License School, is to help you fill out that application as well as prepare you to be able to pass those tests. We provide you with all the material you will need — classes, audio, video, practice tests. Basically, everything.

Keep scrolling for our pricing options.

Point is, there’s no way around it. You must pass the state exams.

One exam is on the Law and Business aspects of construction.

The other is on the Trade — which, for you, will be Solar Stuff.

And now you’re asking — there has to be more to it?

There is.

But the additional things you must do are small and we’ll walk you through them in the classes.

For more info or to get started, call us at:



Depends. Are you on train A or train B?

And when will the two trains collide?

Trick question. There are no trains involved in our classes.

The process doesn’t actually take long, believe it or not.

You can get it done within a month if you’re going really fast (like trains do).

You can get through our study materials in a week if you cram like you did when you were still in school.

Typically, though, the process takes one to two months.


You’re probably (most-likely and definitely) wondering how you prove to the state (of California) that you have four years of experience in the trade of Solar.

We’re glad you asked.

You have to have someone sign off on that application we talked about earlier verifying your experience. Kinda like how you have to have a pastor to get married — except not the same at all. Marriage is way different. And hopefully better.

Who does that sign-off person need to be, you ask.

It can be your current or former employer, your fellow employee, even a client — if you’re claming your status as self-employed. So that’s that.


You need one.

But not right now. First you need to call us and get started on that application.

You don’t have to get the bond (in fact, you can’t) until after you’ve passed the tests.

Description Of The C-46 License

This is from the Contractor State License Board’s website. (CSLB). CSLB is the government department who issues you your state exams as well as your license. (this is the greatest description ever, written by a fleet of entertaining persons resembling Jim Carrey):

California Code of Regulations
Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

A solar contractor installs, modifies, maintains, and repairs thermal and photovoltaic solar energy systems. A licensee classified in this section shall not undertake or perform building or construction trades, crafts, or skills, except when required to install a thermal or photovoltaic solar energy system.

Authority cited: Sections 7008 and 7059, Reference: Sections 7058 and 7059 (Business and Professions Code)

Told ya it was pretty good;)

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