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Dive into your destiny, like Jean Claude Van Damme. I don’t know if he ever dove in any movies, but he did have a great destiny that will be emblazoned in our hearts forever. With us, you can take our in-person classes, our online classes, or you can enroll in our homeschool program.

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C-53 Swimming pool Contractors License

cool video, right? would be better if it had more action.


How does one get their swimming pool contractors license?

The same way Jean Claude Van Damme beat up all those bad guys: tenacity.

Tenacity is a word that means — when the chips are down (Lays, Doritos, doesn’t matter what kind), that you decide you’re not going to let anything stop you from pursuing what you love.

Jean Claude loved kicking and punching.

You love your construction business — working in the construction industry — making fancy pools.  Getting on a job site earlier in the morning, before the city has woken from slumber, and getting to work.

The world needs you.

Swimming pool contracting has a relatively simple definition by the CSLB:

California Code of Regulations
Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

A swimming pool contractor constructs swimming pools, spas or hot tubs, including installation of solar heating equipment using those trades or skills necessary for such construction.

Authority cited: Sections 7008 and 7059, Reference: Sections 7058 and 7059 (Business and Professions Code)


Now that you know what it means to be a swimming pool contractor, as I’m sure you already know, here’s the process.

To get your license you have to apply through the CSLB and then pass two tests: a law test and a trade test.

The law test covers all things construction law — contracts, bidding, estimating, tax withholding, liens, requirements, etc…

The trade test covers all things C53.

Quick tip: Most contractors pass the trade and fail the law.


The reason Jean Claude Van Damme qualified to beat up bad guys in movies was because he had a minimum of four years experience beating up bad guys and being awesome.

That’s the main requirement — practically the only one — you must have four years of experience in your trade.


You fill out an application. If you’re confused how to do that, don’t stress. We can help you. It’s part of what you pay us to do, if and indeed you decide to pay us.


We’re a Contractor License School.

Our basic job is this: to prepare you to pass the state tests and get your contractors license.

And we’ll help and guide you through every detail along the way.

Sounds like an an 80s action movie, doesn’t it?

(It doesn’t. It doesn’t at all. But I’m in a phase).


Our most frequently asked question is ‘how do I prove my experience?”


You get one person to sign off on your application verifying you have the four years. That person can be your boss, former boss, an employee, a licensed contractor, a client, an associate. You have many options.

If you’re confused about this point, don’t let it stop you.

Tenacity. Jean Claude. Keep going. Believe for the best.


You pool contractors are smart, as you have to do many things when it comes to pools, including excavation, pouring concrete, plumbing, water assessment, tile work, decking, and much more.

And you make spas and hot tubs.

For Jean Claude Van Damme, I bet.

I bet he has an awesome pool.


The CSLB sends you your license in the mail.

Sure, there are little things you must do, like getting a bond and a livescan. But these things are inexpensive and you don’t need to worry about them right now.

The only thing you should worry about (though you should never worry) is getting enrolled in a school, preferably ours, so that you can start the process of getting your license.

If you still have questions, they’ll be answered as you start the process.

Start now. Get answers later. Jean Claude Van Damme style.


If you still have questions you want answered right now, feel free to give us a call.

Here’s to many, many great and lucrative pool installations.



You could be making so much more money if you had your own license.

Think about it.

Now, do it.

Get the license.

We’re counting on you.

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