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c50 reinforcing steel

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Don’t just reinforce steel. Reinforce your life by getting your contractors license. We have in-person classes, online classes, and a homeschool program. Boom. Bam. Bam. Pow.
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C-50 Reinforcing Steel Contractors License

cool video, right? maybe they’ll make it into a book one day.

How Do You Get Your License?

‘Reinforcing Steel’ — sounds like a Wolverine movie staring Hugh Jackman (preferably in a huge jacket).

The plot of the movie would probably be described something like the way that the State License Board describes the C50 license:

California Code of Regulations
Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

A reinforcing steel contractor fabricates, places and ties steel mesh or steel reinforcing bars (rods), of any profile, perimeter, or cross-section, that are or may be used to reinforce concrete structures.

Authority cited: Sections 7008 and 7059, Reference: Sections 7058 and 7059 (Business and Professions Code)

Reinforcing Steel: Part Two, Rise of the Machine-Men

If you have four years of experience doing steel reinforcing, then you’re good to go.

You qualify to be cast in the movie, in the starring role in fact.

Errrr, get your license.

Is what I meant to say.

Reinforcing Steel: Part Three, Melting Mayhem

So if you have four years doing all the type of stuff you do: shaping steel bars, fabricating, placing and tying and strapping steel, for all the many things: bridges, parking structures, high rises, etc… Doing stressing cables.

You’re just about ready to get your license.

Blueprint Reading

Blueprint reading is an important part of the job of a C50 contractor, more so than many of the other licenses. If you don’t know how to read blueprints, we have a Blueprint Reading Course you’re going to want to take.

You’ll learn how to read them and get certified.

You don’t need to take this course to get your contractors license, but it would be a good certification for you to have, being that you’re a steel contractors.

Pass The Trade and The Law

Okay, then.

In order to get licensed you must pass the trade test and the law test, which are administered by the CSLB (state of California).

In order to take the tests you must apply.

To apply, you must have one person verify that you have the four years of experience by signing your application.


Our program is designed to get you to pass the tests.

We guarantee that if you pass our program, you’ll pass the state tests.

Reinforcing Steel: The Finale

The process of getting your license can be intimidating. Many don’t do it.

Be the one who does.

You know deep down that now is the time.

I know you know.

And we believe in you.

We’ve helped thousands of contractors to get their license.

To fill out the application, pass the tests, and establish their business.

So call us.

Or simply enroll on our website.

Make your life awesome

It’s time to make your life awesome like only you can.

You can.

And you will.

Because you’re awesome.

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