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painting and decorating

the classic c-33 painting and decorating license.

this is a classic license, like the Beatles or Queen or the Monkees or Justin Bieber.

everyone needs a painter, because everyone has walls.

and every wall needs paint.

just ask any street-tag ‘artist.’

which really has nothing to do with anything.

if you’re trying to get your painting license, you’re in the right place.



How To Get Your C-33 Contractors License

This would be a great license to have back in the 60s and 70s when wallpaper and carpet was ‘all the rage.’

But, hey, it’s still a great license to have, because people still like wallpaper.

And paint.

Paint will never go out of style.

One day truck driving will go out of style because they’ll become self-driving (you can thank Elon Musk for that) but paint will never go out of style, because there is no such thing as self-painting paint.

I couldn’t even imagine it.

In others words, the world needs you and your paint rollers and brushers and tape and acetone and all the good stuff you use to make places look clean and beautiful.

There’s nothing worse than a run-down building that hasn’t been painted or re-painted in some time. Except for the dark world of the future as portrayed in HG Well’s ‘The Time Machine.’ But other than that world, there is nothign worse.

That’s why we need you to get your license.

Make More Money

When you get your license you can establish your business.

And, of course, owning your own business (though it will probably be the greatest challenge of your life) will and can bring in much more money for you than if you were just working for someone else.

Like every great life challenge, it will be a challenge.

But it will be a challenge worth pursuing.

If it’s what you want to do — own your own business — you need to do it.

If you don’t, it will be your greatest regret.

Basic Requirements

You must be at least six foot tall.

That’s a stupid joke. You can be any height. But here are the real requirements:

1 – A picture identification of some kind.

2 – A valid SSN number or ITIN number.

3 – Four years of experience doing C33 work.

What Else Do You Need?

Simple as this: you must pass two tests with the state of California. One test will cover all things ‘C33 Painting and Decorating’ and the second test will cover construction ‘Law and Business’ in general. Writ-large. Optimus-Prime (everyting except that last one).

Here’s what you must do:

You must submit an application to CSLB — that’s the Contractor State License board, and they must accept you, verifying that you have the four years of experience, so that you can take your tests.

Remember, California wants and needs you.

Construction is considered an essential business — even during pandemics.

Without contractors, nothing would exist. (well, other than atoms and molecules and probably DVD players — but of course we wouldn’t have homes in which to use our DVD players. and we wouldn’t have electricity.)

Verify Those 4 Years

You need to have someone sign off on your application to verify your experience. This person can be your boss or one of your old bosses (no height requirement) or one of your clients if you’re currently self-employed (no height requirement). Remember, there are no height requirements. So don’t even measure anyone. Because that would be a waste of everyone’s time.

And don’t paint anyone either.

Because that wouldn’t make sense.

If you don’t have a boss or a client who would be willing to sign off on your application, you can always track down a fellow employee.

Those are your basic options when it comes to that.

Moreover, when it comes to filling out your application, we’ll help you, as apart of our services as a Contractor License School.

Contractor License School

We’re a Contractor License School dedicated to helping contractors get their licenses.

We do this by providing you with all the classes and study material you will need to pass your tests and receive your license. We also walk you through the entire process — which can seem daunting at times because there are a few small and confusing steps — from beginning to end.

Call us or enroll online.


Pass-Test Guarantee

We do offer a pass-test guarantee. If you pass the practice tests we provide for you, we guarantee you’ll pass the state tests.

Description Of The C-33 License

This def. from CSLB.

California Code of Regulations
Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

A painting and decorating contractor prepares by scraping, sandblasting or other means and applies any of the following: paints, papers, textures, fabrics, pigments, oils, turpentines, japans, driers, thinners, varnishes, shellacs, stains, fillers, waxes, adhesives, water and any other vehicles, mediums and materials which adhere by evaporation and may be mixed, used and applied to the surfaces of structures and the appurtenances thereto for purposes of decorating, protecting, fireproofing and waterproofing.

Authority cited: Sections 7008 and 7059, Reference: Sections 7058 and 7059 (Business and Professions Code)