Surety Bond

In order to be a licensed contractor, before the state actually issues you your license, you must have an active Surety Bond, also known as a Contractors Bond. Here are Contractor License School, not only can we provide you with materials and instruction to help you pass the state exams you’ll need to pass to get your license, we’re also licensed insurance brokers.

For a quote on the Surety Bond, give us a call.

We work with contractors all day everyday and we’ll help you find the best price for your bond.

The bond must be in the amount of $15,000 — and will typically cost you around $100 for the year.

Workers Compensation

We can also provide you with quotes for worker’s compensation insurance, which you have to have if you have employees. Not having this insurance can constitute a hefty fine and possibly even suspension of your license. Not to mention if one of your employees gets hurt at work they will have the option to sue you.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability costs more than the Surety Bond as it protects damages to property. You’ll definitely want to carry this insurance if you’re doing work in general. This insurance will protect you if you or your employees do any damage to a client’s home or business. Or your own shop.

Contact us for quotes regarding any of these types of insurance or more, as we can also provide insurance for your commercial vehicles, or anything falling under the category of Property or Casualty.


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The contracting school in Temecula really changed my life.  Today I own my own business.  I would highly recommend this school for anyone trying to get their contractor license in the state of California!!

Douglas Palmer

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Four Steps To Get Your Contractors License:

Get Instruction

Technically, you can apply for and try to take the state tests without receiving any test prep or instruction, but this often results in failure. It’s best to get some instruction, be it from us or another school, before applying to take the exams.

Apply For The Tests

In order to get a test examination date, you have to send in your application. The only requirement on your part is that you have 4 years of experience in the trade you are applying for (ex: if you’re applying for a c-36 plumbing license, you have to have had four years of experience, in the last 10 years, of plumbing. You can’t have four years of experience in landscaping and apply to get your plumbing license. You’ll want to apply for the license in which you have the experience). Once you send in this application, the state will get back to you anywhere within two to six weeks (give or take a few days or weeks; it all depends on them). When you get your application back (if it has been approved), your test date will be about two weeks out at a location of the state’s choosing–they try to give a location closest to your home.

Often, contractors will send off their application and then begin our classes, since you will usually have a few weeks of waiting time before you receive your test date. However, it might be best to go through our program first, then send off your application, to make sure you’ve had enough time to study.

Take The Tests

Take your tests!

You’ll have to pass the Law and Trade tests. They are 125 questions each and you will be given three and a half hours to complete each of them. Not too bad.

There will also be an open-book abestos test, but that one’s easy. It’s open book! And considerably shorter than the other tests.

Addtional Items

After passing your tests, you’ll have to get fingerprinted (otherwise known as “live-scanned”). This can be done at your nearest notary for around $70.

You’ll want to get your DBA (business name). This is around $45.

FINALLY, to hold the license, you have to have what’s called a “surety bond,” in the amount of 15,000. This will cost you around $100 a year. Not too bad either.

Then, you will be a licensed contractor with a business name and everything.

Start getting those jobs and making that money.

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