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Trying To Get Your Asbestos Abatement License?

The C-22 Contractors License can be very profitable to acquire and we want to help you.

We’re a Contractor License School located in SoCal — serving the entirety of California with our services.

Our passion is your success.

We want to help you get your license and establish your business.

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How To Get Your C-22 Contractors License

To get your asbestos abatement license you must have four years of what is referred to as ‘journeyman level’ experience working in the trade of asbestos abatement. Journeyman level simply means that you know what you’re doing — that you can complete a job start to finish. It means that your experience was on the job — not in the office. And that you were either doing the work yourself or supervising it.

(By the way, asbestos abatement sounds like a tough job — mad respect and hats off to you).

Other than that, there are three additional requirements:

1. You must be at least 18 years old.

2. You must have a valid social security or ITIN number.

3. You must pass the Law and Trade Tests.


Before we talk about the tests, you might be wondering how you prove you have the four years of experience. The answer is easy. You must, on the application you fill out and send to the state (specifically to CSLB) to apply for your license, get one person that you know to sign your application testifying to the fact of your experience.

Cool thing is that person can be your employer, but doesn’t have to be.

That person can be a former employer.

That person can be someone you work with — a fellow employee, perhaps.

That person can even be a client if you’re currently taking self-employed work.

Which, by the way, you shouldn’t be doing — taking your own work.

License law requires that if you’re doing jobs for more than $500 (which includes labor and materials) that you must be licensed. You can’t do construction work without your license unless you’re working for a licensed company and you’re on payroll (you can’t take work as a sub unless you have your license).

If you get caught on the job site doing work illegally without your license, you will be fined and may even face jail time. It is crucial you get your license.

If you put down on your application to the state that you’ve been taking work self-employed, you won’t get fined. They’ll be happy that you’re working towards getting your license.

In fact, if they catch you doing work without a license on site, they’ll tell you to get your license.  If you fill out and send in your application, they may even reduce your fines.

Before you get to that point, it would be better just to get started on the process and get your license once and for all.

Quick note on CSLB.

CSLB stands for ‘Contractor State License Board.’

They’re the government agency in charge of Contractors in the state of California.

You submit your application to them and, if they accept your application, they administer the tests you’ll have to pass to receive your license.


If you’re doing work for more than five hundred dollar, yes.

If you’re doing work for under that amount, you’re a handyman.

Which is fine — although it’s hard to make a living as a handyman.

The $500 dollar law, as mentioned, includes labor and materials.

This means that if the materials cost you $300, you would only be allowed to charge $200 for your labor.

And, no, you can’t divy up the money into separate contractors for the same job.

There is now clever way to avoid this law.

You simply must get your license.

It gives you no excuse.

And the truth probably is you want your license.

Because with a license you get to have your own business, take your own jobs, work as a sub (if you want), and make much more money.

What’s Next? Pass The Tests.

Not going to lie (we never do), the tests aren’t easy.

You’ll have to study for them, unless you’re some kind of genius who knows every term and equation used in your trade as well as a broad understanding of construction law.


One test will be on your trade.  In your case, asbestos abatement. It will likely be the easier test of the two because you have experience in your trade and know the ins and outs.

The other test covers construction law writ-large — everything from licensing requirements to the laws that pertain to bonding, liening, bidding, contract-writing, etc…


We’re a Contractor School and we’ve helped so many students pass it’s not even funny. In fact, it never was funny (except we do try to make a few jokes in our classes).

We’d love to help you get your license by providing you with all the study material you’ll need to reach that end — including in-person classes (if you live near any of our Southern California locations), online classes (done over livestreams through Zoom), or packages of our study material you can choose from.

Great news is, we offer a pass-test guarantee.

We’re able to do this because you provide you with awesome practice tests. We guarantee that if you pass our practice tests you’ll pass the state tests no problem.

Pretty cool, right?

It’s Time.

It’s time for you to get your license.

If none of the above information makes sense, or if you have additional questions, or if you want to sign-up or set a meeting, give us a call.


Description Of The C-22 License

This def. from CSLB.

California Code of Regulations
Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

This classification description is an excerpt of the regulation that established the C-22 Asbestos Abatement contractor classification. Click here for the full text of the regulations that relate to the C-22 classification.

An asbestos abatement contractor performs abatement, including containment, encapsulation, or removal, and disposal of asbestos containing construction materials, as defined in Section 6501.8 of the Labor Code, in and on buildings and structures. All work performed and all documentation prepared by an asbestos abatement contractor shall be done in accordance with regulations and requirements of the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) of the Department of Industrial Relations.

The Board shall not issue an asbestos abatement contractor license unless the applicant or contractor is duly registered with DOSH pursuant to Section 6501.5 of the Labor Code or has an active application for registration in process with DOSH. All holders of the C-22 – Asbestos Abatement contractor classification shall have completed DOSH registration training requirements, as contained in Title 8, California Code of Regulations, Section 1529.

This classification does not include any addition to or alteration, repair, or rehabilitation of the permanently retained portions of such buildings and structures. Hazardous substance removal and remediation, as defined in Section 7058.7 of the Code, are specifically not included in this classification.

Authority cited: Sections 7008 and 7059, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 7058, 7058.5, 7058.7, and 7059, Business and Professions Code; and Sections 6501.5 and 6501.8, Labor Code.


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