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Web Design (Autumn Falls)


Here’s what you get:

  • A killer website
  • More clients
  • Custom Design
  • And MORE (see description)

Sound fair? I hope not.

I hope you feel like you’re being smothered with so much website kindness you can’t take it.

I hope there’s so much website goodness coming your way it causes you to be a better Contractor with more business success. I hope it makes you a better person.

Sound good?

Have questions, give us a call. Or email. Or text. Or carrier pigeon.

When it comes to websites, especially when it comes to websites for Contractors, we know exactly what you need.
Fundamentally, websites are built off the spread of information. Not too much or you will overwhelm the visitor.
Not too little or they will leave with more answers than questions and go to someone else.
But the right amount of information that answers their questions while increasing their trust in your service. There are many ways to do this, however, for contractors, we find the elements below are best.


- Yes, custom.
- We'll develop what these pages will be with you.


- Logo (if you don't already have one).
- Color scheme ideas.
- Original Content


- One crucial element to a good construction site is the gallery. Why? Because talk is cheap. You must prove to your clients the good work you do.
- When they see your expert (dare I say beautiful) work they will trust you even more and purchase your services over others.


- If you don't already have hosting, we can provide that for you.
- You'll never have to worry about hosting ever again.


- Written content for your pages.
- Written by expert writers.
- So you don't have to write much of anything.
- (Though we might request you to write a mission statement).


- The SEO is very nice.
- The site is built in a way that helps it rank higher.

UI Elements

- No one likes a website that's difficult to use.


- Every good website has a way for the client to get in contact with you, the contractor.
- We make this easy. Easy as pie.
- Through the use of contact forms, and call to actions your clients will be calling you non stop (almost too much).

Google Integration

- With the use of Google Maps you will be able to rank higher locally
- This also gives an avenue for clients to understand where you are and decide if you are the best service for them.

Put this all together and you have a simple and modern site that the viewer can use to learn more about your business and use your services.

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