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✓ Contracting for Success

✓ Blueprint for Becoming a Successful Contractor

✓ Course Checklist & Homework Schedule

✓ Advertising Guidelines for Contractors

✓ Building your Career as a Licensed Contractor

✓ Becoming an Industry Expert

✓ Asbestos: Guide and Open Book Examination

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California License Law & Reference Book

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C-61 specialty

C61: Limited Specialty, D1: Architectural Porcelain (D64), D3: Asnings, D4: Central Vacuum Systems, D6: Concrete Related Services, D7: Conveyors-Cranes (D21), D8: Doors and Door Services (D28), D9: Drilling, Blasting and Oil Field Work, D10: Elevated Floors, D12: Synthetic Products, D16: Hardware, Locks and Safes, D18: Prison and Jail Equipment, D20: Lead Burning and Fabrication, D21: Machinery and Pumps, D24 Metal Products, D28: Doors, Gates and Activating Devices, D29: Paperhanging, D30: Pile Driving and Pressure Foundation Jacking, D31: Pole Installation and Maintenance, D32: Power Nailing and Fastening (D64), D34: Prefabricated Equipment, D35: Pool and Spa Maintenance, D37: Safes and Vaults (D16), D38: Sand and Water Blasting, D39: Scaffolding, D40: Service Station Equipment and Maintenance, D41: Siding and Decking, D42: Non-Electrical Sign Installation, D44: Sprinklers (D12), D46: Steeple Jack Work, D48: Theater and School Equipment (D34), D49: Tree Service, D50: Suspended Ceilings, D51: Waterproofing and Weatherproofing, D52: Window Coverings, D53: Wood Tanks, D56: Trenching Only, D59: Hydroseed Spraying, D61: Gold Leaf Gilding (D64), D62: Air and Water Balancing, D63: Construction Clean-up, D64: Non-Specialized, D65: Weatherization and Energy Conservation