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Our LIveStream digital version comes with everything you need to take and pass the Contractor State License exam.  Once you complete our course we help you fill out the application to the state making sure the application is done right in order to minimalize kick-backs.  After passing the State exam we’ll help you with the finalization of your license application.  You simply study and prepare for the exam. We take care of the rest.

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Trade and Law

✓ Full Online Classes

✓ Manuals

✓ Trade & Law Video

✓ Trade & Law Audio

✓ 24/7 Access to Simulated Tests

✓ Application Assistance

✓ Pass Test Guarantee


✓ Law & Trade Question Assistance

✓ State License Application Assistance

✓ Math Review Video

✓ Health & Safety Review Video

Bonus: (Free):

Seven Digital Downloads:

✓ Contracting for Success

✓ Blueprint for Becoming a Successful Contractor

✓ Course Checklist & Homework Schedule

✓ Advertising Guidelines for Contractors

✓ Building your Career as a Licensed Contractor

✓ Becoming an Industry Expert

✓ Asbestos: Guide and Open Book Examination

Extra Bonus: (Free):

California License Law & Reference Book

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A: General Engineering, B: General Building, C-2: Insulation and Acoustical, C-4: Boiler, Hot Water Heating and Steam Fitting, C-5: Framing and Rough Carpentry, C-6: Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry, C-7: Low Voltage Systems, C-8: Concrete, C-9: Drywall, C10: Electrical, C11: Elevator, C12: Earthwork and Paving, C13: Fencing, C15: Flooring and Floor Covering, C16: Fire Protection, C17: Glazing, C20: HVAC, C21: Building Moving/Demolition, C23: Ornamental Metal, C27: Landscaping, C28: Lock and Security Equipment, C29: Masonry, C31: Construction Zone Traffic Control, C32: Parking and Highway Improvement, C33: Painting and Decorating, C34: Pipeline, C35: Lathing and Plastering, C36: Plumbing, C38: Refrigeration, C39: Roofing, C42: Sanitation System, C43: Sheet Metal, C45: Electrical Signs, C46: Solar, C47: General Manufactured Housing, C50: Reinforcing Steel, C51: Structural Steel, C53: Swimming Pool, C54: Ceramic and Mosaic Tile, C55: Water Conditioning, C57: Water Well Drilling, C60: Welding, C61: Limited Specialty, ASB: Asbestos Certification, HAZ: Hazardous Substance Removal Certification