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This price for enrollment is the $699.00 with a $75.00 deposit for the Law Manual, which you can return for your deposit at the end of your classes. This is the option where you can put half down and pay the rest later. With this option, you get all of your Law materials. When you pay the rest, you get all of your Trade materials.

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Trade and Law
– Manuals
– DVDs/Online Video Access
– 24/7 Access to our Online Practice Tests
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– Personalized Assistance for all your Law and Trade Questions via phone and email
– Math Review CD and DVD
– Health & Safety CD and DVD
– State License Application Assistance

Bonus: (Free)
– Access to our exclusive internet testing site to prepare, assess, and evaluate your knowledge
Eight Digital Downloads:
– The 2016 California State License Law & Reference Book, by CSLB, a $25 value
– Contracting for Success
– Blueprint for Becoming a Successful Contractor
– Course Checklist & Homework Schedule for Success by Alcom
– Advertising Guidelines for Contractors
– Building your career as a Licensed Contractor
– Becoming an Industry Expert
– Asbestos: A contractors Guide and Open Book Examination