RENT - $849.00 w/ a 75.00 Deposit

With this option, you get full access to everything, but you’re only renting your trade textbook and DVDs, and you’ll have to return them when you get your license–which is when you’ll receive your deposit back. You will be provided a course manual for the law classes that you’ll be able to keep.

PURCHASE - $999.00

If you want to buy your books outright and own them and keep them then this is the option for you.


You get everything with this course except for the in-person classes (obviously). We’ll ship you your books and you’ll be able to stream our law lessons online as well as our practice tests.

Breakdown — Live School vs. Online School

Set An Appt.

If you don’t want to enroll online and you’d rather meet with someone first, that’s great too. Call us and set an appt. Enrolling is super easy, and we love meeting new people. ALSO, if you’re only looking for info and you’d like to set an appt. for that, we’d still love to meet you. We’ll show you all the materials you’ll be getting and talk you through the process of how it will look to get your license.

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