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Do you want to further your career by becoming a GREAT CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER?

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Online Construction Management Course

Do you want to become a great Construction Project Manager? Do you want to learn how to deliver successful & profitable construction projects?

Practical Course

All-in-one product management platform makes it easy to collect feedback, prioritize features and nail product releases.

Real World Examples

All-in-one product management platform makes it easy to collect feedback, prioritize features and nail product releases.

The Construction Industry Is Desperate

Bad Construction Project Managers Ruin Everything

Late-projects, soaring costs, missing material and a demoralized workforce (at worst, terrible accidents and even bankruptcy) can result from BAD PROJECT MANAGERS.


In Demand

Construction Project Managers are rated as the 29th most desperately needed job in the next 10 years.



A lot of Project Managers are severely unequipped and uneducated. Their mismanagement costs a lot of money.

Not Enough

Construction business owners are complaining to us that it’s ‘amateur hour’ in the management world. And that they can’t find good managers.

Moreover, Being a Contractor Is Hard Work

Construction is hard.

You don’t want to be an average Joe construction worker for the rest of your career. Why? Well…


A lot of work and only a little reward. Plus, physical labor is taxing as you get older.


Feeling stuck and at the bottom of the barrel.


Breaking your back for managers who don’t treat you well and misunderstand the value you bring to the company.

There’s a better way exist within the construction industry.


Wayyyyy More Money

It’s time to get ahead of your bills.

Did you know the “average” construction project manager makes $124,000 a year?


Some make $250,000 plus.


You don’t have to do the physical back-breaking labor.


You don’t even need a contractors license.

pipeline contractor
construction project manager

You’re Needed

Construction Project Management Is In Demand

Construction projects are falling apart left and right because of poor project managers. GOOD MANAGERS are in great demand.


The demand is growing by 18% per year.


Higher than average employment opportunities.


Especially in the next ten years.

Educate Yourself

Save the world.

But for reals. You gotta save the world somehow. You might as well do it by being the best Construction Project Manager you can be.


Learn how to be a great manager.


Develop an in-depth understanding of what project managers do.


Learn how to deliver projects on time and on budget (maybe even under budget).

Support Team

Components of Our Course

Our Certification Course will take you to the next level.

Here’s a snapshot of some highlights.


Skills Required

In other words, what are the skills required to be a Construction Project Manager.


Self Assessment

Assess whether or not you have the skills or ability to be a manager.


Teaching presented by experts in the field. THEY’VE ACTUALLY WORKED IN THE FIELD AS MANAGERS.

12 Modules

2 hour units per module. In all, 30 hours of recorded training material with questions at the end of each module.


12 Quizzes

To make sure you’re learning what you’ll need to learn to be a great manager. There is also a final exam.


When you’ve passed the course, you will receive an official CERTIFICATION, which you can present on your resume when job-hunting.

It’s time to take the next step in your career, yes?

Just Some More Info

What’s Included In Our Course

Remember, the construction industry is desperate for knowledgeable and experienced project managers. The construction industry needs you to be a great project manager.

Online Course


This practical CPM course, with real world examples, consists of 12 modules each with 2 one hour units – in all, 30 hours of recorded training material!

Your presenters are Paul Netscher, author of 7 construction management books and a construction professional with 30 years of experience. As well as Allen Diaz, a construction professional, manager, trainer, and consultant (who has leveled up hundreds of contractors’ careers) with over 20 years of experience.

The online course comes with a manual that follows along with the 30 hours of video lessons. Also included are 12 quizzes and a final assessment test.

When you pass the final test, you’ll receive your Certification from Contractor License School. You can use this on your resume when looking for jobs.

And we even included a Construction Project Manager self-assessment to rate yourself. This is an invaluable tool.

You can choose between a paper copy of the manual or the digital version. You’ll see the pricing below.

What You’ll Learn (Module Breakdown):
*there are two units per module.

Module 1 – We discuss what makes a project successful and the skills required to
manage a construction project.
Module 2 – Looks at planning and starting a construction project.
Module 3 – Focuses on why safety is important and how to improve safety.
Module 4 – Is about ensuring quality projects.
Module 5 – Discusses managing construction equipment effectively.
Module 6 – Considers the management of construction materials and eliminating
Module 7 – Discusses the construction schedule.
Module 8 – Is what you need to know about managing a construction project,
including managing your time, delegation, productivity and more.
Module 9 – Deals with people management.
Module 10 – Project finances will make you a more astute project manager.
Module 11 – Shows you how to finish your project successfully.
Module 12 – Provides some valuable tips to make you a great construction project

Start the next part of your journey today

Choose the package that suits your needs. We recommend the ‘Print Edition’ because our manual is so beautiful 😉


Print Edition


$999 / 1-time


One-time fee (Lifetime Access)

Get Certified (Receive Certificate)

All 12 modules (30 hours of content)

Quizzes and final test

Acess the course from your mobile device or desktop

Study Manual (Print)

* Money-back satifaction guarantee, of course.

Digital Edition


$899 / 1-time


One-time fee (Lifetime Access)

Get Certified (Receive Certificate)

Everything the same as the ‘Print Edition’ except for Digital study manual instead of a Print Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Just some stuff. In case you were wondering.

How long do I get access to the course?

Lifetime access. Cool, right?

How long will the course take?

30 hours of video lessons. Plus tests. It’s a big bertha of a course. We cover A LOT. That said, it’s a go-at-your-own-pace course.

What textbooks are required?

As apart of our course, we’ll provide you with a textbook (we’re calling it a ‘manual’) — which has been put together quite beautifully.

Do you offer job placement?

No! However, our company has been around for many years. And our credentials (Allen’s and Paul’s) are up there among the best. Big name, big money contractors have told us they want students from our program. Point is, this certification (and the knowledge you get from the course) will help you find a job, for sure. But, as of yet, we don’t offer job placement as a feature of this course.

A note from the CEO / Founder / Human Being

I made this course because I want to pass on what I’ve learned in the Construction Industry. I’ve done a lot of things right, and I’ve done a lot of things wrong.

I want to pass on my knowledge. And I want you to learn from my (and others’) mistakes. We explore, in depth, project management in this course. I’m very proud.

And I’m proud to have teamed up with Paul Netscher, who has experience with huge projects and in several countries. He’s also an accomplished author — having written several books on Construction.

Allen Diaz

Contractor License School Inc.

Don’t Miss Out.

This course can change the course of your life (pun intended). You’ll learn what it takes to be great at what you do: to be a great project manager.

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Lifetime access

30+ hours of quality teaching.

All+ the reasons you should learn to become a better project manager and advance your career.