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All right, so, you live in Corona, CA (southern cal is the best) and you’re ready to get your contractors license. But how does it all work?


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4 Years of Experience

You must have four years of experience in the trade of your choice — the trade in which you want to be licensed.


To pass the exams you may want to study, that’s where we come in. We’re a Contractor License School.

Pass Tests

You must pass the California state TRADE and LAW exams.


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Corona, CA

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Get Your License In Corona

Hello. Welcome. The great news is we have a Contractors License School located in Orange, CA, right off of West Chapman — which is near to Katella. (off the 55 freeway).

Landed on the wrong page and you live nowhere near Orange, CA? — here’s some more good news: we have six additional locations. Additionally, we offer online school. Be sure to look into that if you’re interested.

We meet at our West Chapman location for classes once-a-week, every Thursday. And with homework, practice tests, application processing help, the course only takes 4 weeks. Cool thing is, if, after the four weeks you feel like you need additional classes we allow you to repeat them for free for up to six months.

That being said, you can complete the course in four weeks.


We’re currently enrolling. The classes don’t build on each other and, as such, you can begin any week.

Enrolling is easy. You can do it online, or you can set an appointment with us and meet with one of our staff or instructors.


There’s only one requirement to get your contractors license: that is, you must have four years of experience in the trade in which you want to get licensed.

Ex: if you want to get your general b license you must have worked in the general b trade for at least for years. Whether the work was for a licensed contractor or whether you’ve been taking general-b-type work unlicensed is of no consequence to getting your license. As long as you have the experience is the important thing when it comes to being able to qualify to receive the license.

If you want to get your painters license (C-33) , you must have four years in painting. If you want to get your plumbing (C-36) license, you must have four-years experience in plumbing. Etc…


The cost of our program is $499 to $999 depending on the package you choose. Online school is only $499. Comparatively, these are competitive prices what with all we offer and we encourage you to shop around.


The process of getting your license can often seem overwhelming. We get great feedback from our students. They often come in, anxious about how hard it seems it is to get their contractors license.

We like to make it easy. Which is why we make the process as simple as possible and break it down step by step. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry about it. Set a meeting with us, give us a call, or just jump in and trust it’ll all work out. Because it will.

We want you to be successful in your venture and get your license. Not only that, but we want to see you successful in business, which is why we offer incorporation services, bookkeeping help, insurance and tax services, web design and marketing and a number of other things.

We like relationship-building and genuinely getting to know our students. Our instructors are committed to helping you get your license.

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We livestream our classes in case you can’t make it to class. You can watch it from home.

Application Assistance

We assist you with filling out the application to CSLB. Trust us, you’ll want help.

Web & App Development

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If you’re waiting for lightning to strike you before you make a decision, that probably won’t happen. And that’s a good thing too, because lightning strikes are deadly this time of year.

Stop waiting on your future. Be the lightning. Strike.

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