How to get your contractors license in the city of Corona, California?

It’s simple.

And, yes, it involves more than only getting a business license, as some contractors are under the impression that that is all you need.

To do construction for yourself (not working under a licensed contractor) you must be licensed. Unless of course you’re a handyman and you’re only doing work for $500 or less. But who wants to do work for only $500 or less (and that includes labor and materials).

So you want to get your license. And you’re from Corona.

Next step:

It’s simple. We have a school in Corona. You must only set an appointment with one of our representatives or instructors to meet at our offices and acquire additional information and/or sign up.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of going back to school or going through the long process (though it’s not actually that long), don’t be. We’ll break down the process, make it easy to understand, and completely prepare you to pass the state tests you will have to take to get your contractors license.

And it doesn’t matter what contractors license you’re trying to get — whether you’re trying to get your General B or your Landscaping or your C-20. We have all the study material, knowledge and experience to pass on to you so that you can get licensed and get to work on your own business.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in Corona.
What a great city — we’re located off Main Street.
Near to the Wendy’s.
At the offices called Via Avalon:

765 N. Main Street, #150A
Corona, CA 92880

Again, to meet with us, just give us a call.
(951) 363-5533

Don’t let anything hold you back from that dream of getting your license and being able to run jobs yourself — and to make so much more money than you’re currently making working for someone else.

Be your own boss.

Our passion is your success,
Alcom Business Solutions