Contractor Licenses

Here at Contractor License School, we offer licenses in all contractor trades held in the state of California by the Contractor State License Board.

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Whether you are getting your contractor license for the first time or you are looking to add one of our many licenses to your repetiteur.  Our contractor school has the most modern and technologically advanced curriculum in the state.  Our materials are professionally written using both the ear gate and the eye gate in order to best learn and memorize the material.  These materials were written by a licensed contractor and a public school principle in order to create the best learning experience possible.  In fact, we are so confident in our curriculum, our school, our tests, and our services that we offer a Pass Test Guarantee.  This pass test guarantee is for those who go through our school and utilize our pre-planned step-by-step method to it’s fullest.  If you are looking for a contractor school to walk you through the licensing process look no further than the Contractor License School.  We have schools in Temecula, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Anaheim, and Orange and serve you.

If you already know the contractor license you won’t, please review our packages and see what learning experience best fits you.  Our team is waiting to serve you.

Contractor Licensing Classifications

(A) General Engineering Contractor
(B) General Building Contractor
(C) Specialty Contractor

C-61 Specialty License Includes the following: